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Benefits of PPC for Your Business

Many businesses think that all they need is a website in order to have a presence on the web, but sadly, that's simply not the case, and it hasn't been that way for a loooong time. Adding relevant content to your site weekly, biweekly or monthly is a great way to improve your search engine…
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Top 5 Misconceptions about Online Reputation Management

Online reputation refers to the customer feedback that a business receives via the Internet. Online reputation management is the practice of monitoring reactions, identifying problems before they manifest and addressing responses that are potentially damaging. ORM is a large and sometimes complex focus, and that intricacy has led to some common misconceptions that are detrimental.…
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How to Increase Website Conversions for Your Business

Solely having a website isn’t enough anymore. If your website isn’t working for you (as in actually driving people to call you, order your product, or fill out a web form) then you aren’t utilizing your site to its fullest potential. While conversions can be measured in different ways for different sites, it’s important to know…
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Why Aren’t You Using Call Tracking?

Did you know that phone calls still account for a significant portion of conversions from website visits? The good news is that all of those calls are perfectly traceable, and can help you learn where to boost your ad spend, and where to cut back. Call tracking is a great way of measuring your marketing success. The best part?…
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