Boost Your SEO Services: Rochester B2B SEO Tips

by | May 30, 2022 | SEO

Unsure how to boost your content marketing? What about leveraging expert SEO services? Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo-based businesses should take a targeted approach to B2B marketing.

B2C marketing strategies speak to the end-user, the paying consumer. B2B marketing has layers of checks and balances that your audience has to move through before any money changes hands. It’s all about targeting!

Search engine optimization for B2B clients is a long-term, organic strategy to increase results, page ranking, and digital credibility. This approach is more appealing to B2B decision-makers as they may not be as attracted to obvious PPC or other paid ad strategies.

Let’s break down what makes a winning B2B SEO strategy and what you need to know for 2022!

Appeal To Decision Makers

This doesn’t mean focusing on the owner or CEO. Instead, ask yourself these questions: Who have they delegated to? Who will handle fulfillment?

If you sell SEO services, Rochester businesses are likely to send their marketing managers after results. The top of the company’s food chain isn’t concerned about Facebook or Instagram, but the marketing manager sure would be!

If you sell employee management software, you are targeting team leaders, department heads, and HR personnel. Still not the CEO.

Now that you know who your content needs to target, you’ll know what SEO intention-based content they’re looking for and how to craft your messaging to match.

Content, Content, Content

While the percentage of online sales for B2B services has increased over the last few years, especially since the recent pandemic, it’s still only sitting at roughly 17%.1

This speaks to the slightly more difficult nature of marketing to B2B brands and the longer timeframe of your sales pipeline. What does that mean for SEO services? Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse-based businesses must invest in a comprehensive content marketing strategy to establish brand awareness and credibility in the marketplace.

An exhaustive SEO content marketing strategy helps to establish your brand and services as a thought leader in your industry. You become the water-cooler topic of your market and competitors by taking your place as a respected expert source.

SEO Trends To Watch Out For

The art of SEO never stagnates, even less so for B2B strategies. New tools, strategies, and platforms crop up like weeds on the regular. Here are a few trends to watch:

No More Third-Party Cookies in 2023 – Now What?

Google’s decision to block third-party tracking in their own browser, Chrome, takes effect in July of 2023. What does this mean for B2B strategies?

Businesses that focus their marketing on other businesses will need to establish their own database to inform their marketing strategy. Start leveraging more first-party data, SEO content, traffic statistics, and user behavior information now to avoid a blank slate later.

Increase Mobile Optimization For B2B SEO Services

Even a B2B customer spends time scrolling through content like yours on their phone. Digital marketing continues to depend on these mobile interactions for traffic, conversions, and sales.

Offline marketing methods are increasingly taking a backseat to more advanced, comprehensive digital strategies. Create an optimized mobile experience that increases measurable metrics such as on-page time and decreases things like your bounce rate.

Leverage Video Content

Images are old news! Video is on the rise! With platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels, if you’re not creating B2B video content, your competition likely is.

Creators sometimes dismiss YouTube simply as a social platform when in reality, it is the second largest search engine, just behind Google itself. This means viewers intentionally seek out the platform to learn, discover, and buy what they’re looking for.

This is where a clever content strategy is crucial! Create videos based on what you know your B2B customer is already looking for. Feed the search engine what it loves while also appealing to your customer’s needs, desires, and industry.

Test Everything

Test the elements of your digital footprint or sales funnel with consistent regularity. Consider testing elements, such as:

  • Page functionality
  • Calls to action
  • Messaging headlines
  • Button text
  • Creative and graphics
  • Navigation menus

Take your customer journey for yourself. See where they may get hung up and how you can optimize your site for a smooth, successful process.

Level Up Your Content Marketing With SEO Services, Rochester!

It’s challenging to build a robust SEO strategy, no matter your target audience. If you’re ready to boost your SEO strategy with on-page and off-page B2B tactics, tap into the help of an experienced SEO agency. Reach out to our team at Full Circle SEM and get started today!





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