Content Creators Are Concerned About the New AI Features in Bing And Google

by | May 31, 2023 | Content Marketing

With the birth of ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing AI tools, it seems everyone online is creating their own AI content generator. The idea of technological tools taking over creative industries is definitely a genuine concern. Still, two questions must be asked: what is the impact of these tools, and what, exactly, can they do? Let’s take a deeper dive.

What Is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence that generates new content based on the data that the system receives, whether images, code, words, or audio. It refers to the underlying learning algorithm that the AI tool relies on to create content.

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Underneath this facade is a learning model that receives information, processes it through a formula, and generates a lower-dimensional representation of that information. Additional prompts and supporting data can help create more comprehensive content.

Here’s Why Content Creators Are Concerned

More than just losing out on paying work to bots, a few serious concerns are posed by content creators all across the globe. Let’s take a look at those concerns.

Reduced Internet Traffic

If generative AI is an information-gathering tool, internet users aren’t searching the internet for answers. This could lead to reduced website traffic and landing pages with products to sell, services to offer, and resources to share.

High Potential For Content References Without Sources or Permission

Publishers and content creators have worked hard to create the content posted online, some of which is behind a subscription paywall. But this is not necessarily true for an AI content generator.

The tools and resources created for your target audience may be lumped into AI research results without associating with your brand or services. The AI’s coded ability to find, translate, summarize, and share content stored anywhere online is potentially questionable. Some content creators believe it could even pose legal problems later down the road.

Inability To Be an Industry Resource

If the AI bot provides educational materials to your target audience, it’s taking away your ability to be a valuable resource. Rather than surfacing on search engine results pages as an industry expert, they may never come into contact with your brand at all. This is why it’s still so important to constantly update your own Google Ad campaigns. This way, you can still remain a valuable source of information.

Economic Impact

As internet users and business owners rely more heavily on generative AI tools to produce their content, this could significantly reduce the need to hire service providers. Putting a talented workforce out of business could have serious economic consequences in the long term.

The Possibility of Duplicate Content

Feeding an AI model the same question will likely provide the same answer every time. If internet users use AI content production tools to create their content, there’s a high possibility of duplicate content being dispersed online. This will ultimately hurt a brand’s credibility.

What AI Can’t Do

Replace Humans

AI can’t replace organic human creativity. Whether graphic design, artwork, or written content, the spark of creativity cannot be recreated or replaced. It is a uniquely human experience and process.

Have Original Ideas

Generative AI tools do not create new things. They modify existing things. It transforms existing imagery into new imagery based on new data or prompts.

They learn from existing content online to answer queries and provide data. AI takes what you feed them and analyze what they find to produce a version of something that already exists, not something original.

What AI Can Realistically Be Used For

Use AI As a Research Assistant

A traditional internet search relies heavily on keywords, matching content, and the search engine’s algorithm. But the results from an internet search on Google, Bing, or even DuckDuckGo are roughly the same.

You receive a list of possible solutions that may contain your desired answer. Based on these results, you choose the one you want and are redirected to that web page. Compare this to an AI content generator that reveals and explains the answer for you without being redirected or choosing from a list of options.

A word of warning, however, is to always check your facts and sources before relying on AI-produced data.

Use AI To Outline Content

Staring at a blank page without any idea what to write is a genuine concern for many content creators. Skip that step and have AI tools generate an outline for you.

For Brainstorming

The next time you’re not sure what to create, ask an AI tool to give you 50 ideas and see what kind of creativity that sparks.

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