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Influencer Marketing Games

Influencer Marketing Games

It’s quite hard to find the right people to promote your brand without the numbers regarding their engagement with your target demographic. At Cloutboost, we can help you find an influencer in marketing games using the latest analytics tools to help you make clear, informed decisions.

Why should we use influencers to market games?

When marketing products for the gaming market, using influencers is probably the most powerful way to attract consumers. This is especially true for live streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Potential consumers get to see how the game works, and since these live streams are quite addictive and engaging, they’re more likely to buy your product.

There are two key factors about influencers that make them valuable advertising assets. One is that you can reach your target demographic quickly and engage them more. The other is that influencers are a form of ‘word of mouth’ advertising, which was always far more successful than traditional forms like billboards.

So, to get the best return for your advertising dollars, a brand should focus on identifying influencers who have good engagement with their intended customers. Businesses like ours help brands identify the best influencers for their products, using real data from their channels. Our comprehensive analytical techniques will help you find the most suitable influencer in marketing games.

What metrics do you use to identify marketing potential in influencers?

We break down these key metrics to cover four areas: relevance, reach, engagement, and sentiment. Relevance considers the influencer channel’s metadata and video tags to see if the words they use here matches your target keywords. The higher the relevance, the higher the search result ranking will be.

Reach is also significant when identifying good influencers. This considers the quality of their followers, how many are real, fake, or inactive. Things like channel growth rate and video views can gauge reach. The engagement measures how these followers interact with the influencer’s content. Usually, likes, reactions, and comments are useful measures.

Finally, sentiment measures how followers receive influencer content. You can have good reach and good engagement, but that doesn’t people like what you’re putting out. We use natural language processing tools to gauge whether the reactions in people’s commentary is positive or negative. The likes to dislikes ratio is also a good indication.

Common reasons why influencer marketing campaigns fail

Choosing the right social media channel is just as important as choosing the right influencer. Does the social media channel have users that overlap with your potential customer base? A lot of brands fail by using the wrong channel. In terms of gaming, for example, Twitch has predominantly male gamers.

Some brands fail because they can’t accurately gauge what the public reaction would be. The Pepsi commercial with Kendal Jenner was a perfect example of this. You need to think long and hard about how humans will react to your messaging, and sometimes no software can tell you this.

Are you looking for an influencer in marketing games? Cloutboost can help you match your ideal influencer for your brand.

Influencer Marketing Games

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