Should I Outsource PPC Management?

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There comes a time in every business where you need to decide what to do about internet marketing. Internet marketing is not a fad. It’s not going away. If anything it’s becoming more mainstream because of its affordability and track-ability for lead generation and sales. Once you decide to take the leap into search engine marketing, you’ll have an important decision to make regarding who is going to handle it all. Unless you already have an employee on staff who is a PPC expert (rare), your best bet is to hire an external SEM agency which will save you invaluable time and effort into getting the most out of your marketing dollars.

Should I Outsource PPC Management?

By outsourcing PPC management, you’ll have access to a dedicated team of experts. What’s even better is these experts will have experience and up-to-date knowledge in a variety of topics from PPC to SEO, phone call tracking, web analytics, customer relationship management and more. Do you think you can hire one person who has all of those specializations for the price that you’ll be paying an agency? The short answer is “no.”

You may want to argue, ‘well why can’t my current marketing team just learn the tools of the trade and handle this stuff in house?’ Sure, you certainly can go that route, but remember, we’re not saying you should stop all of your other marketing efforts. Search engine marketing is a HUGE component of marketing, that we will definitely argue, however, your already established customers and referrals don’t go away just because you’ll be getting more of them. Besides making money, what is your business goal? Most businesses aim to develop new products or services while focusing on customers. When you outsource PPC management, your company’s time and money are better spent doing those very things. How much time will it take your team to learn the ropes of PPC, SEO, create a plan, implement it and then actually get a good ROI? By hiring an agency, you are freeing up time for your company to focus on other activities. Not only that, but when you outsource PPC management, your business becomes the customer of the PPC agency, and guess what their goal is? To make their customers happy.

Agencies have higher education in the areas you need to maximize your ROI using PPC. PPC management is very specialized and is always changing – ongoing training is a MUST. PPC agencies are specifically geared toward keeping up with the newest trends in online advertising while also dealing with any technical issues that may arise along the way. For example, Bing and Google often test out new styles of ads, or offer new services within PPC. Can you keep up with that while also keeping your existing marketing efforts going and keeping your customers, shareholders, and employees happy? Many agencies who do PPC management also offer other internet marketing services…. Like FCSEM. The bottom line is this: if don’t have the skills, experience, and/or time to do online marketing, hiring an outside agency to handle your PPC marketing is the best option for you.

What Are the Costs of Outsourcing My PPC Campaigns

The short answer here is: A lot less than hiring someone to do it in house. Depending on your average monthly advertising spend, especially under $100k/month, it’s hard to justify the costs of an in-house marketing team. The problem is that strong PPC and analytics candidates will approach $100k/year in salary plus at least another 20% in employee burden… and for $120k/year, you can get A LOT from an agency. You’ll have access to a PPC expert, an expert in analytics, a graphics department, developers, etc… all at your disposable, at a fraction of the cost of hiring for each position or maintaining individual service contracts. At rates as low as $500/month or 15% of ad spend, it’s no wonder why so many people turn to agency management for their PPC and online marketing campaigns.

What About Confidentiality?

Do some research into an agency before you just hire the kid down the street…. Reputable SEM companies are available, but just like you interview an employee, you should be prepared to interview your SEM agency as well. For instance, how many clients are they handling at any given point? Too many and you won’t get the attention you deserve. Too few and they may lack the experience you deserve. How will they keep your information safe? Much like you want an online retailer to keep your credit card information safe when you buy something, a trustworthy SEM company should be completely fine with having a NDA in place to ensure your company’s safety.

Outsource PPC Management and Get Results Fast

Have we convinced you that you should outsource your PPC management for the best results? If you are still on the fence, do us a favor and contact us today for a free consultation. Let us share our previous and current success stories with you and come up with a custom plan for your business’ future success in the online marketing world.

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