PPC Search Retargeting: An Overview

by | Nov 1, 2021 | PPC, Search Engine Marketing

As countless brands compete for the attention of consumers online, staying current on the best marketing tactics is critical. One of these tactics is search retargeting, a marketing tactic that 46% of search engine marketing professionals believe to be underutilized.1

Various kinds of retargeting are used by brands to improve their outreach and conversions. Some examples include site retargeting, email retargeting, and social media retargeting. Let’s explore why PPC search retargeting is one of the best methods for a business to take advantage of on Google.

What Is PPC Search Retargeting And Why Does It Matter?

Put simply, search retargeting is the process of displaying ads in front of specific audiences based upon the keywords and search terms that they’ve previously used on Google. Unlike site retargeting, which retargets ads to audiences who have previously visited your website, search retargeting reaches Google audiences that haven’t yet explored your website.

Instead, it targets those who have searched with keywords relevant to what you have to offer but might not necessarily be aware of your brand quite yet. Utilizing this strategy begins with brainstorming the relevant keywords that align with your brand’s products and services and then submitting these phrases into your Google ad campaign. Then when someone Googles that keyword, you’ll be able to showcase your Google display ads to them directly.

What Does It Look Like In Action?

Here’s an example of this tactic in action to better understand what search retargeting might look like for your brand. Let’s say your brand is known for selling high-quality outerwear jackets. You would use this strategy by displaying your PPC ads to Google users who have previously demonstrated an interest in purchasing an outerwear jacket.

For example, this could look like targeting users that have searched the keyword phrases “winter coats,” “stores with outwear jackets,” or “warm jackets,” whatever search terms that you think will correlate the best with your brand’s target audience.

How Can Search Retargeting Enhance Your Marketing Strategy?

Google search retargeting is easily one of the best ways to improve your overall digital marketing strategy. Here are some primary benefits:

New Audiences And Brand Awareness

One of the best parts about PPC retargeting is that it increases your brand awareness immensely. This allows you to display ads based on searches and keywords that relate to the products or services you provide and not necessarily your exact brand name.

In turn, this exposes new audiences to your brand that previously weren’t aware of your company until seeing the ad. For this reason, this style of retargeting is an essential marketing technique for smaller startup brands looking for a way to get their name out more effectively.

Better Audience Conversions And Click-Through Rate

Because it helps you display ads to consumers more likely to purchase your product or service, they end up performing much more successfully than a traditional, generic Google display ad. More specifically, retargeted ads have an average of a 0.7% click-through rate, while display ads only have a 0.07% click-through rate.1

Audiences Prefer Seeing Retargeting Ads

Audiences are far more likely to engage with ads that are directly catered to their interests and needs. One study found that 78% of consumers believe that personally relevant content from brands increases their purchasing intent.2 By displaying ads based on an audience’s direct search terms through PPC retargeting, you are more likely to connect with audiences and make them interested in visiting your site.

Solidify Your Search Retargeting Strategy With Full Circle SEM

If you’re looking for a new way to reach audiences like never before, PPC retargeting is the way to go. Full Circle SEM has years of experience optimizing PPC and SEO strategies for numerous businesses. We’re here to help you create high-quality, click-worthy ads to reach your business goals.

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