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    Affiliate Programs – Have Everyone Else Sell Your Products For You

    Affiliate programs put vast networks of partner sites at your disposal, advertising your products, and supporting your promotions.

    These privately owned sites push your products and receive a commission on any sales they generate. It’s a great way to increase sales and brand awareness, but affiliate programs have suffered recently with companies like Google creating their own content networks.

    Many affiliate advertisers have found it more profitable to simply sell their clicks to the search engines. However, this doesn’t mean that affiliate programs can’t still be profitable.

    “A Well Managed Affiliate Program Can Be One Of Your Most Profitable Advertising Channels.”

    Affiliate programs can essentially run themselves once they’re setup, but we don’t recommend it, as it’s a sure way to generate zero sales from this channel. Spending the time to evaluate the different available affiliate programs is a must and it’ll pay dividends in the long run. The problem is that most of the top affiliate programs have exclusivity clauses, so you can’t just join all of them at once. We’ll make sure that the affiliate program you partner with will be the best suited to market your products.

    Aligning your industry with that of the available sites in any given affiliate program is the first step to success and we know how to weed through the noise. Once you’re setup, it’s pertinent to communicate with your top outlets, or potential outlets, on a regular basis. We’ll create time-sensitive, custom coupon codes, and affiliate specific marketing collateral to ensure that your products are promoted. Affiliate sites crave custom material, especially if they can have an exclusive offer of some kind.

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    Full Circle SEM has managed many different types of affiliate programs across all of the major networks, including Rakuten Marketing (formerly LinkShare), CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction), and Google.

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