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    Not Everyone Shops On Google; Are You Being Seen? Enter Comparison Shopping Engines

    Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE) can provide the extra traffic you’re looking for. Most major engines work on a PPC model. So, just like advertising on Google or Bing, you only pay for the clicks you receive.

    Shopping comparison engines offer you an opportunity to compete with the largest competitors in your space, unbiased and side-by-side. With Google Shopping and Bing Shopping having transitioned to a PPC model that is managed within your existing AdWords or AdCenter accounts (respectively), the shopping comparison engine marketplace has shifted considerably.

    While Google and Bing were free, many niche shopping comparison engines flourished, as they allowed advertisers to feature their products and increase their position, like a traditional PPC campaign. However, with Google and Bing entering the marketplace as paid advertisers and leveraging their already huge PPC customer base, they’ve quickly become the titans of the comparison shopping world.

    “From Data Feed Creation To CSE Mangement, We Can Get Your Products Listed Everywhere.”

    Comparison shopping engines aren’t for everyone… literally. They only apply to eCommerce sites and require a data feed to submit products.

    Don’t worry if you don’t have a data feed in place already, we’re more than capable of getting your products set up and showing on all of the major outlets. We can tailor your feed to exploit opportunities on different engines, customize which products, who, where, and when, and automate the entire feed generation and submission process.

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    We’re also well versed and experienced on even the latest iterations of Google Shopping and Bing Shopping, which means leveraging custom attributes and spend rules that your competitors likely don’t even know about.

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