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The Value of Web Analytics

Web analytics is essential to any type of search engine marketing, particularly your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. It's imperative to know where your traffic is coming from, the density of traffic, and the time of the day your traffic is densest. You want to know what someone is typing into Google or Bing to pull your page from…
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Upgraded URLs in Adwords – an Easier Way to Manage URLS?

The capacity for constant connectivity has completely changed the way that people interact with businesses, meaning that businesses are being forced to compile more data and metrics for the purpose of successfully managing campaign performance. In order to support the need for greater precision in tracking, Google has introduced an upgraded URL system that provides…
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Customer Relationship Management

If you are a business with more than one customer, there is a need for customer relationship management (CRM). With a properly set up CRM, a business will be able to manage a company’s interactions with current and prospective customers easily and efficiently. Good customer relationship = backbone of a successful business CRM isn’t just…
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