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What is SEM?

Exactly what is SEM (search engine marketing)? More importantly, what are the two predominant methods that webmasters, online marketing specialists and everyday marketing departments use to increase a site’s PageRank and a company’s online presence? In order to answer these aforementioned questions, think of the how pay-per-click (PPC) advertising works versus search engine optimization, or…
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PPC Advertising Back Story

During the early days of the Web, companies that wanted to advertise online did so mainly by purchasing space on websites to use for displaying banner ads. This type of advertising could be hit-or-miss; many of the people who viewed a company’s banner might have little interest in the product or service offered. Pay per…
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PPC Marketing

One of the more popular forms of advertising is currently pay per click marketing. Some of the perceived advantages of PPC marketing is that the business only needs to pay for people who actually visit their site instead of just paying for general advertising. PPC is also very closely related to affiliate marketing and can…
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