Will Search Engines Get So Smart SEO Isn’t Necessary? What’s the Future of SEO?

by | Jun 10, 2022 | SEO

Will AI change the future of SEO? Will it nullify your SEO services? Rochester businesses are eager to get the latest on this ever-changing entity. Let’s dive in!

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been a hot topic since the first manufacturing plant replaced employees with even basic technology in the Industrial Age. Today, digital marketers want to know how artificial intelligence bots, crawlers, and learning algorithms will affect their strategies and the effectiveness of SEO services. Rochester brands need to stand out to stay open!

Will you have to change your entire online marketing campaign soon? We don’t think so. But here are a few things to consider and why we believe that.

An Overview of The Relationship Between SEO and AI

Search engine optimization has gone through more transformations than can be counted over the years its been in existence. From page optimization to engagement, inspiring content, and new platform-specific tools, we expect change to be a constant more than extinction.

Google and other search engines are always more focused on the user than the content producers. Any enhancements being pushed out are all experientially driven. Humans will still use keywords, they’ll still navigate through integrated links, and meta-tags don’t appear to be going anywhere.

As AI has advanced, the opportunity for shady tactics has decreased in equal measure. Google pushes high-quality, highly valuable, and strictly relevant content as much as artificially possible.

Between the Hummingbird platform and the newest kid on the block, RankBrain, more and more focus is on the context of the piece, not only the content. Knowing the user’s concept of the “chips” in the UK and how it differs from the concept of U.S users is a thing of beauty.

AI and Voice Search

With mobile use edging out desktop searches and device assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google, voice searches have jumped up, as well.

In a recent study, it was discovered there were 123 million U.S.-based voice assistant users in 2022 which is roughly 46% of the population. That’s 3 million more than in 2021. The projections indicate this number will keep climbing, year after year, and is expected to reach over 130 million by 2025.[1]

The way a consumer talks to their voice assistant is different from how they type a search. Optimizing your content for voice searches is an essential strategy used by SEO services. Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse-based businesses benefit from location-based services conducted by voice.

As voice search technology advances, so will AI and algorithms, effectively changing the landscape of SEO content.

Is Site Optimization Going to Be A Thing of The Past?

Could the need to optimize your site someday disappear? While this sounds like less hassle, don’t clear the archives and wipe your templates just yet.

Enhancing the user experience is what drives changes in AI search engine technology. We expect changes to website optimization are inevitable, but it will by no means go extinct.

You will see a stronger emphasis on whole-site context and consistency rather than keyword optimization. AI is being developed to promote quality, relevance, and engagement over “magic words.”

Visual optimization will be increasingly important as this also plays into an enhanced user experience that gives answers without having to “study” your content to find it.

Link-building may also take a new direction, changing domain authority and refocusing once again on the quality of the referenced content rather than the volume of links.

Marketers and content creators of the future must dig deep and produce more meaningful content that is conceptual and value-driven, rather than simply a keyword match.

Our Conclusion On The Future of SEO

So this all begs the question, is it possible that SEO will fade out in the future? Yes, with incredible AI technology and its rapid growth rate, it’s possible.

But it’s certainly a long way off. Don’t reimagine your marketing just yet! SEO campaigns are still essential for a business’s digital marketing strategy for the foreseeable future.

As a comprehensive digital marketing agency, it’s our team’s job and mission to stay ahead of the curve and prepare customers for what’s to come with innovative strategies for SEO services Rochester brands trust. Contact us today for a consultation!



[1] https://www.statista.com/statistics/1299985/voice-assistant-users-us/

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