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    Infographic Design & Other Graphic Design Projects

    Humans are visual creatures.

    Our minds are so visually oriented that more than half our brain is involved in visual processing. In fact, it takes less than 1/10th of one second for us to gain a visual “sense” of our surroundings!

    If blogs and articles are the bread and butter of any successful content strategy, infographics are the sweet and fruity addition that will make your content so much more enjoyable.

    If you want to take your written content to the next level, infographics are your answer.

    A picture is worth a thousand words… or more!

    What is an Infographic Anyway?

    Infographics are images created with “clips” of data or information. The take your written information and express it visually.

    Infographics can actually improve the understanding of your information by your audience. This is because they can enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends. Cool, right?

    Infographics are fantastic because they are:

    • Simple and self-explanatory
    • Visually appealing and colorful
    • Perfect for social posting and sharing
    • Quickly scannable and comprehendible
    • Great for establishing or reinforcing your brand

    Whether you realize it or not, infographics are all around us. From subway maps to top-ten lists, Lego® instructions to timelines, our brains are hard-wired for them. Infographics should be a part of your regular content rotation.

    infographics and graphic design

    Affordable Infographic Design

    Graphic designers can charge megabucks for a single infographic. Fortunately, we can bring you custom infographics for your website and social media at an affordable rate – especially when you bundle them in with a monthly SEO plan.

    Blogs and articles that include an infographic are 30 times more likely to read than text-only versions. This means you can liven up content, attract a larger audience, and most importantly, increase the number of customers.

    Why Add Infographics to Your Website?

    Infographics bring the stories you want to tell to life! Your content will be presented more interestingly and appealingly than with text alone.

    Often, we use infographics to accompany a long article to provide a quick overview of a topic. Other circumstances may call on us to use an infographic to give a simpler explanation of a more complicated process.

    Even adding just a few mini infographics within your text can help your audience stay engaged with the content. Effectively your content will speak to both those who love textual content and those who need visuals to stay connected.

    Infographics also offer a little break on a page filled with a long article. Most of all, though, infographics are excellent for sharing on social media.

    What Information is Good for an Infographic?

    Certain content works better than others for infographic design.

    When you work with Full Circle SEM for a monthly content creation plan, you can opt to choose premium pieces to include an infographic. “Premium” pieces are those with the goal of having the most significant impact on your target audience. When done effectively, the results can be exponentially better than text-only blogs and articles.

    We work closely with our writers to ensure your content contains the critical attributes that make infographics successful. Our professional content strategists will match the right infographic style to your written content piece including:

    Timeline or List Infographic Design

    Timeline and list articles (also known as “listicles”) work great for infographics.

    Our designers will incorporate your branding and website style to create a visual piece that both visually represents your content while reinforcing your brand.

    Statistical Infographic Design

    You know we love numbers and analytics. So it wouldn’t come as a surprise that these are our favorite infographics to produce.

    We love to share statistics, graphs, pivot tables, spreadsheets, and more. And infographics give you a way to so many opportunities to graphically display the numbers!

    Comparison Infographics

    Comparison infographics help your audience decide by comparing options side by side. Comparison infographics can include two or more choices.

    Anyone can write all of the comparison information in the world, but a well-designed infographic keeps things concise and organized for your readers.

    Process, Map, Hierarchies, and Network Infographics

    Infographics can display processes, geographical data, hierarchies, and networks in fantastically visual ways. In fact, content describing any one of these items really wouldn’t be complete without an infographic neatly that neatly presented such information.

    DIY Infographics Generally Look Like Just That

    There are a ton of free graphic design programs that will give you a template that you can use to create an infographic. Some are good and some are just terrible. But the one thing they all have in common is everyone uses them.

    This means your DIY infographic will look like everyone else’s. If you want to stand out from your competition, which we’re assuming you DO, you need custom infographics that tell your story and support your branding efforts.

    Custom Infographics at an Affordable Price

    Whether your content demands a long-form infographic with tons of details, a simpler mini-infographic, or a sectional storyboard, our graphic design team can handle it all. Our images are custom-designed allowing us to coordinate them with your site colors, work in imagery related to the topic, and include your logo (so you’ll always get credit).

    If you’re ready to take your content to the next level, our team is ready. Contact us today to learn just how affordable – and awesome – your infographics can be!


    If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, call 888-757-2714 or contact us here today.