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Phone Call Tracking

Because People Do Still Use Phones To Make Calls.

phone call tracking

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    Phone Call Tracking = Knowing Where People Are Finding You Without Having to Ask

    Are most of your sales over the phone, but most of your advertising is online? This presents a major challenge for many websites, especially those in the business of lead generation and eCommerce.

    There are a few different methods of bridging the gap from internet marketing to offline conversions, and we’re experts in all of them. We’ve even created our own patent-pending process of tracking offline conversions and we’ve partnered with one of the premier call tracking companies to create the most comprehensive call tracking product suite available.

    phone call tracking

    “At Full Circle SEM, Calls Are Just As Trackable As Clicks.”

    The challenge with phone calls is the inherent gap between your online ads and when someone picks up the phone. When customers find your website on Google or from a directory, or even just clicking through from Facebook, it’s clear where the customer came from.

    Even the most basic web analytics setup will tell you where your web traffic came from, and the very least, if it converted into a lead or sale. However, browsing histories disappear as soon as someone picks up the phone, so what do you then?

    Well, it depends.

    Lead Generation Call Tracking

    For lead generation sites, using dynamic call tracking numbers is likely the way to go. Dynamic tracking numbers will literally show each user on your site a different phone number, and that phone number is tied to their browsing history. If and when that number gets called, it’s automatically linked up with that specific user’s browsing information… or at least it is when you work with us.

    Call Tracking for eCommerce

    If you’re an eCommerce company it’s a little trickier, because you’re going to want to tie much more detailed information from the call back to the browsing session. Where a simple three to five-point call grading system of “lead”, “wrong number”, “sale”, etc… are sufficient for lead generation, eCommerce has products… and products have types, and colors, and quantities, and shipping costs… and a lot more.

    In this instance, dynamic numbers can actually be quite a burden, because someone has to eventually tie all of that data back to the call; be it a manual data-entry dispositioning process or some sophisticated tracking codes, or a custom piece of software… one way or another it usually gets pretty messy.

    However, it doesn’t have to be messy, because we’ve actually come up with a solution that uses a little technology with a slight tweak to your existing sales process, that results in a beautifully simple and accurate method. A solution offered exclusively by Full Circle SEM, we guarantee a more accurate, easier to maintain, and cheaper alternative to dynamic numbers for eCommerce companies.

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    Full Circle SEM specializes in the implementation and ongoing management of custom call tracking solutions. Our clients have seen increases in conversion tracking by as much as 70%, leading to substantial increases in actual conversions through data analysis and campaign optimization.

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