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    Video Marketing – Because It’s The First Thing You Noticed On This Page

    You don’t need an in-house video production team to keep your videos affordable. Most people assume that going to an agency for video marketing is going to be costly, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Full Circle SEM will help you to create custom, professional videos. And we’re able to offer a variety of styles, at an affordable rate. Especially when you work videos into your regular monthly SEO and content package.

    Let me ask you this… did you take a second and notice the video on this page? Was it the first thing that grabbed your attention? I would bet it did. And if it did, you don’t really need to read more about it… but for those in the back who want to know more about video marketing, go ahead and read more about the types of videos we can help with and video marketing is so important.

    Full Circle SEM brings you custom videos for your business at an affordable price point.

    Video Marketing Process

    At Full Circle SEM, a talented team of marketing and video specialists use proven methods and processes to create impactful, effective marketing videos of all kinds. You can provide a script or our staff will write one for you. Then we’ll work with our incredibly creative production crews to create videos that look and sound professional, designed to draw eyes and generate traffic.

    Our diverse team can create video content to match your company’s style, character, and voice through a wide range of production techniques and processes catered to your needs and preferences.

    Types of Videos Used in Digital Marketing & Offered by Full Circle SEM

    A comprehensive digital and video marketing campaign may feature various forms and types of videos to suit specific platforms and targeted audiences. Among the types of videos Full Circle SEM specializes in include:

    Topical Videos – Great for Social Media

    Topical videos are our specialty. When combined with a blog post, topical videos provide a brief overview of a subject with instructions to direct the viewer to your website for more detailed information. When you work with us for monthly content creation, the addition of videos will take your content from great to amazing.

    Topical Videos - Video Marketing

    Branding & Spokesperson Videos

    These overviews of the company’s products and/or services and mission statements are designed to provide an awareness of the business.

    Spokesperson videos - affordable

    In addition, they’ll expand your visibility to your target audiences. Brand videos serve as a digital business card to show the overall vision of the company.

    branding video production

    Demonstration Videos

    Videos are the best way to show your customers and prospective customers how your product or service works. Showcase the features of the product and have questions answered for your customers before they are even asked.

    product demostration videos

    How-To or Instructional Videos

    Consumers will absorb and retain instructional or educational materials far better through visual how-to formats than reading instructions or directions. Properly formatted and created with high production values, these videos can also serve as independent marketing tools to use in other areas of the marketing campaign.

    video marketing - types of videos to incorporate into marketing plan

    Whiteboard & Animated Videos

    Whiteboard and animated videos have become increasingly popular over the last several years. Instead of using a live person as the focus of the video, you can rely on animation or a whiteboard drawing to discuss or explain something to your customers or potential customers.

    Whiteboard and Animation Video professionals 1200x800

    Both whiteboard and animated videos perform exceptionally well on social media platforms, so it’s a great idea to consider utilizing this style of video in your video marketing campaign!

    What is Video Marketing?

    When done properly and professionally, marketing videos are the most effective way to get your message across to potential customers or clients. Video marketing can grab viewers’ attention, relay important information, and provide a call to action in an entertaining, engaging, and often humorous way.

    Increasing your brand’s presence with creative video marketing campaigns through digital and social media assets can be used to educate consumers and expand your outreach to more targeted potential customers.

    The Importance and Process of Videos in Marketing

    The online experience has come a long way from having to wait minutes while a single image was downloaded to today’s instant access and proliferation of video marketing as an essential element of any digital marketing plan. The general public is more plugged in than ever before and watching videos on computers and mobile devices is a regular part of users’ consumption habits.

    video editing process - help with video marketing - Full Circle SEM - Affordable business videos

    Producing high-quality videos for website, social media, and email marketing efforts requires an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and marketing techniques and ongoing education in the most recent advancements in technology and processing of videos.

    The digital marketing professionals at Full Circle SEM provide a wide range of video marketing services with experienced and talented writing, marketing, and video production teams who use the latest equipment and techniques to create dynamic, engaging marketing videos.

    Contact Full Circle SEM for Effective, Affordable Video Marketing Solutions

    For complete information on how to incorporate video marketing into your overall digital marketing plan, contact the video production and marketing specialists at Full Circle SEM today.

    If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, call 888-757-2714 or contact us here today.