Pay Per Click

Get into the Pay Per Click Ad Networks that Matter
Everyone's talking about SEO, a now ubiquitous search engine marketing term.  However, let's not forget about SEO's much more tangible baby brother: PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising.  PPC is a cash cow for both search engines and clients and will remain so for the foreseeable future.  Where SEO attempts to increase natural search engine rankings for specific keywords, paid search unapologetically purchases those clicks.  It's a beautiful business with tremendous visibility - something noticeably lacking with SEO - and there is huge potential upside.
Pay Per Click Advertising

Get to the top of the search engines today with PPC advertising.

The concept of PPC is extraordinarily simple compared to SEO: Buy traffic, analyze that traffic, rinse and repeat.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars in hopes of driving traffic in months 6, 7, etc... We can turn your advertising dollars into traffic right now... literally.  Like today.

"When SEO just isn't fast enough: Pay Per Click."

Pay per click is the foundation of Full Circle SEM and our mantra is centered around our key to success: Metric-Driven Marketing. Analytics and conversion tracking aren't ancillary products to us, they are an absolute necessity. If your current PPC company isn't providing you with real costs per lead, costs per close and tangible ROI metrics, then you are not in good hands. Most PPC companies stop at cost per conversion, or cost per phone call, but what happens when that web form turns out to be fake, or that phone call was a wrong number? We go the extra mile and reconcile every click, lead form, call or sale. We hold ourselves accountable for every click we bring to your site and we don't count any click as successful until you say so. It's this nuance that separates Full Circle SEM from your typical agency: we're not driving traffic to your site, we're driving revenue to your bottom line. Full Circle SEM was born and raised in the business of pay per click.  Our management team has evolved to become guru's of all the ancillary PPC services, but make no mistake about it: at heart, we are a PPC company.  With years of experience and millions of dollars in advertising spend under our belt, your campaign is in very capable hands.
  • Appear at the top of Google, Bing & Facebook
  • Only pay when someone visits your website
  • Only show ads for the searches you want
  • Work with a Google Certified Partner
  • Over $10 Million in Managed advertising spend
  • BBB A+ Rating with no complaints ever