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The Beauty of Web Analytics

Web analytics will tell you where your sales are coming from, who’s clicking what… or how many clicks your contact form gets on even numbered Wednesday’s after a full moon… seriously.

Whether or not you’re paying attention to it, or even housing it anywhere, your website is generating a ton of invaluable information. With the right analytics in place you’ll never wonder which advertising dollars are pulling their weight and which ones aren’t. 


web analytics

“Web analytics offer accountability to your advertising dollars…”

Web analytics offer accountability to your advertising dollars, and the myriad of advertisers trying to spend those dollars. Data puts you in control of your advertising spend and removes the uncertainty of spending money on certain channels or sources.

If someone offers you 10,000 unique impressions for $100, that may sound like a great deal: who wouldn’t want to get their brand in front of 10,000 unique potential customers? Well that sounds great, but what if the click through rate is only .01%? Now you just spent $100 for one person to actually come to your website… not so appealing now, huh?

With the right analytics in place you can avoid these pitfalls and get more of your advertising dollars into the channels that are producing the best results. Based upon your unique business needs we will work with you to track relevant revenue generating events and help you customize your site to facilitate more conversions: whether it’s sales, leads or downloads, we’ve got you covered.

From basic Google Analytics installs to Adobe/Omniture full suite, custom analytics packages complete with PPC bid automation and phone call tracking… Yes. We’ve done that.

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