PPC Tasks to Visit in Your Spare Time: Best Practices for PPC Marketing Fort Lauderdale

by | Apr 30, 2023 | PPC

PPC management is a project that requires daily optimization, tweaking, updates, and eyeballs on each campaign to optimize them for top performance. However, these tasks all fall under the PPC management category, not necessarily comprehensive PPC marketing. Fort Lauderdale businesses need the inside scoop on PPC tasks they can do when not managing the day-to-day requirements of their campaigns.

Crack The PPC Books

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is a rapidly changing strategy that requires near-constant education. What certifications could you pursue? Are there any new courses and training available? Stay current on the latest trends, innovations, and changes.

Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

It’s essential to always keep an eye on what your competitors are doing regarding advertising and marketing. You can do this manually by viewing the Local competitive visits report in your Google ads account or automate this process with tools like AdGooroo and Semrush.

Practice With Low-Ticket Campaigns And Compare

The best way for many PPC managers to learn is to do it from start to finish. This will help you keep your skills sharp and try new settings. Use this time to learn and implement ad extensions or new tools you’ve “always wanted to try.”

Design New Landing Pages and Test

Create new landing pages for existing campaigns and test which is more effective. Test everything! Messaging, imagery, VSLs (video sales letters), feature stack, benefits, guarantees, testimonials and other forms of social proof, call to action, checkout process, layout and design, and even the landing page platform.

This is also an excellent opportunity to try out AMP pages or Accelerated Mobile Pages and cater to a mobile-dominant audience.

Reevaluate and Expand Your Keyword Lists

We know that PPC management requires daily optimization and evaluation. But this doesn’t often include reevaluating existing negative keyword lists or expanding new keyword opportunities. This is an excellent way to spend your time when you have downtime.

Create New Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting a warm audience is one of the most cost-effective PPC strategies available. You could generate more conversions of a higher quality off of retargeting campaigns. Create these second-layer campaigns and test their performance.

Build More Niche Audiences

The breadth and quality of your audience can have a dramatic effect on the success of your campaign. When you’re not madly making daily changes, this is an excellent opportunity to reevaluate audience selection and make any targeting changes that will benefit your campaign.

Take an Honest Look At Every Ad

Whether it’s performing poorly or raking in the traffic, look at each PPC ad you have running and see if you can spot any room for improvement. If you’re concerned about making changes to an existing ad that’s doing well, duplicate it and change it to the new one. Test them against each other and see what results you get.

Do a One-Year Look Back On Your PPC Management

If the numbers are there, look at your ad account stats from one year ago. What kind of reach were you getting? What kind of engagement did you get? How did the conversions look? How high was the bounce rate?

Compare these numbers with where you’re at today and see where progress is evident and where there is still room for improvement. Set a reminder for yourself to do this every year.

Now Do a Five-Year Look Back

The same rules apply here as the one-year lookback but stretch that timeline to five years. So much valuable data is available to you, but it’s only helpful if you see it and learn from it.

Test New Tools

We digital marketers love our tools. And there’s a tool available for just about anything. When you’re not managing the standard daily pay-per-click or PPC requirements, find the latest and most excellent tools available and put them to the test.

Be on the lookout for tools that can do one or more of the following: make your job easier, make your efforts more effective, or save money. If you like the quick test and trial results, you could have solved several business challenges.

Try Geotargeting

Geotargeting is a digital marketing strategy that delivers location-based content to your audience. For example, consumers in Denver would get Denver-specific content versus consumers in Phoenix, who would get Phoenix-specific content. It offers an enhanced level of customization that can create a stronger connection with your target market.

Adding this practice to your digital marketing strategy could wildly improve the impact of your PPC marketing. Fort Lauderdale businesses should contact Full Circle SEM for more on geotargeting.

Dig Into Your Technical SEO and Optimize Where Needed

Another element of your digital marketing strategy directly tied to your PPC campaign is the quality of your technical SEO. This includes page-load speed, navigation, image and video quality, visual spacing, etc.

If they clicked on your ad, something connected with their goals, desires, or needs. But if they leave as soon as they get there due to experiencing a poor-quality site, slow loading time, or missing graphics, you could lose out on the conversions you need to make your PPC worth the investment.

Test Other Browsers

We all love Chrome, but it’s not the only option. Test your skills on other reliable browsers like Safari, Bing, Internet Explorer, Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Lynx, etc. There will be less competition and new opportunities to leverage your brand.

Create A Testing Spreadsheet

Keep track of all the tests you conducted and changes you’ve made to your PPC campaigns. Give space for measuring the success of one campaign style or campaign type against another. How effective are they? What can you leave behind? What do you need to replicate? Use this data to fuel your daily PPC management tasks.

Ready To Implement These Best Practices For PPC Marketing Fort Lauderdale? Contact the experienced and skilled team at Full Circle SEM to learn more.

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