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The nature of online business today and forever is that one must have traffic to make sales. Just because you have a beautiful website doesn’t mean the customers automatically show up and buy. If you’re struggling with online advertising, it may be time to get help with PPC advertising.

Of course, search engine optimization strategies are also essential for strong search results and long-term website health and visibility. However, SEO is a long-term strategy. Brands that need traffic today must employ a more aggressive approach to client attraction.

The solution is the professional management of PPC. Fort Lauderdale and Rochester brands trust the skilled pros at Full Circle SEM for PPC ad campaign management and reaching their target audience.

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What PPC Advertising Is and What It Can Do For Businesses

PPC advertising stands for pay-per-click. Google Ads is the top platform for this marketing channel where brands and advertisers pay money each time their ad is clicked, not simply when Google shows it to a viewer.

Paying only when someone clicks on an ad with Google Ads varies significantly from social media platforms that charge based on impressions or how often the audience views the ad. No matter how many eyeballs see the PPC ad, the advertiser only pays for the ad when someone clicks on it.

On Google, ads are served based on keyword searches related to a brand’s products or services. With the rise in online shopping over the past several years, the need for a strategic PPC strategy is much greater.

Brand awareness is essential to promote growth for smaller businesses competing against much larger competitors or in a tough local market. PPC advertising is a fast and straightforward way to cut through the noise online and get found by your target audience more easily, thereby leveling the playing field.

What Does Management of PPC Rochester and Fort Lauderdale Look Like?

From establishing new accounts, setting budget limitations, and creating ads to strategic keyword optimization and performance reporting, PPC campaign management can be as all-inclusive as needed.

PPC strategists will regularly monitor account performance and make adjustments as needed. This ensures you aren’t wasting money on PPC ads for irrelevant clicks, poor sales funnel processes, and bad landing pages.

Here are a few signs you’re ready to level up your ad performance and get help with PPC:

You Can’t or Don’t Want To Learn New Tech

PPC is a complicated and highly technical approach to advertising. From studying how to use Google ads to understanding keyword selection and geo filters, the technical challenges and necessary skills required begin to pile up quickly.

It only takes one incorrect setting to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend. Keyword selection alone requires in-depth industry research and a comprehensive understanding of bidding and digital advertising.

You Can’t Keep Up With Changing PPC Advertising Processes and Benchmarks

As the number one search platform, Google is constantly innovating, updating, and changing its services and standards. This challenges advertisers who must continuously stay ahead of changes and up-to-date on the latest industry trends.

PPC specialists are familiar with a myriad of resources, tools, and tech that help ensure every campaign is as optimized as possible and you are utilizing your advertising budget effectively. If you’re like most business owners, adding “become PPC ad campaign expert” isn’t too high on your long list of other priorities.

Your PPC Ads Have A Low Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Perhaps you’re already running your own PPC campaign, but the results are less than desirable. Google’s average CTR is 2% (2 clicks per 100 impressions). This is still relatively low but could result in high ad spend for poor conversions.

Your Ad Spend Is High With Little To Show For It

It’s essential to ensure that there is a path to track all conversions accurately. You must reevaluate how the ads are set up if you do not see strong conversions from your PPC ad campaign.

It could be that you’re using only Broad keyword matches instead of Exact or Phrase, or that you’re advertising for both search and display within one campaign. Check the timeframes for keyword bidding and choose more profitable hours and days. Crosscheck all keywords for the highest possible relevance to the desired search terms.

Your Ad Spend Is Too Low

This is a very real possibility for unskilled PPC management. This often means you must expand the keyword list to include more words and phrases or that the targeting radius isn’t big enough to generate enough results.

You may need to run an awareness campaign before a search campaign to enhance consumer familiarity with your products and services. With expert management of PPC, Rochester and Fort Lauderdale businesses can discover what is wrong with their ad campaign and how to fix it.

You Don’t Pay For Branded Terms Because You Get “Enough” Organic Traffic

This is a common but colossal mistake. Ranking organically for your brand and product names is excellent, but your competitors can do that too. And consider the visual representation on a mobile device. Organic results are the lowest on the page, after sponsored results and map listings.

Paying for branded terms is critical to ranking towards the top of search engine results pages and controlling what consumers see. This also lets you direct search traffic to a specific page rather than just wherever the results take them organically.

You’re Not Sure How To Monitor, Optimize, or Track PPC Data

Due to the dynamic and fluid nature of PPC advertising, every campaign requires constant monitoring and tweaking to get the best performance possible. Keywords should be updated frequently to stay on target. You must analyze the data regularly so you can understand viewer behavior. All of this requires detailed tracking that most small businesses simply don’t have time to accomplish.

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