The First Half of 2022 – Content Marketing Agency Roundup

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Content Marketing

We’re entering into Q4 of 2022, and it’s been a banner year! The marketing world moves at the speed of light, with new trends and inspiration popping up around every corner.

But one thing holds true – content is still king!

As we close out 2022, let’s take a look back at our content from the first half of the year and see what content reigned supreme in the world of Full Circle SEM, content marketing agency.

Substance Abuse Rehab and Recovery Industry

Substance abuse rehab and recovery brands made up a substantial chunk of our content work in the first half of 2022. Topics ranged from substance abuse treatment options to dealing with sober life to methods of addressing co-occurring disorders and dual diagnosis treatment.

In total, we’ve written 125 articles and pages for nine rehab and recovery centers totaling over 84,000 words.

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Dental Industry

The dental industry was another big aspect of our 2022 content delivery. We’ve produced 34 articles with three dental practices and over 23,000 words about gum disease, sensitive teeth, dental surgery, oral hygiene, wisdom tooth extraction, pediatric dentistry, and more!

Optics Engineering Industry

One of our clients in the optics engineering space requires high-level articles about optics design and manufacturing, trends in the optics industry, and educational pages for its clients. Overall, we’ve produced 15 posts and over 11,000 words for this client, making it one of the leaders in the industry.

Legal Industry

Legal content is always important for law practices. Our criminal defense law firm client required content related to DUI, drug charges, traffic violations, and gun charges to educate prospective clients about their legal options.

In total, we’ve produced over 12 articles and over 8,000 words about criminal defense topics.

Lawyer Content Marketing, Restaurant Content Marketing, Internet Marketing Content

Restaurant Industry

Our restaurant client needs exciting and upbeat content to attract restaurant goers to one of its two locations in popular tourist areas. Covering brunch menus, dinner reservations, vegan options, and inspiration for holiday festivities, we’ve produced 14 articles totaling nearly 10,000 words, all about gourmet food, craft cocktails, and nightlife.

Internal Content

No content roundup would be complete without our work to educate our clients. Our internal articles are designed to educate and inform our clients about marketing trends, best practices, social media marketing, SEO, and more, unraveling the mysteries of digital marketing for businesses.

In total, we’ve produced 17 articles at nearly 12,000 words to address all things marketing for our clients.

Why Content Marketing Matters

Marketing trends come and go. Who among us hasn’t seen an article about AI, AR, video, or voice search is the next big thing?

While that may be true, content marketing is still a go-to for digital marketing and offers benefits that other methods just can’t match.

Content Can’t Be Hacked

Life hacks are all around us, but really, content just can’t be hacked. You have to put the time and work into it to see results. It’s not a “set it and forget it” situation. Content needs to be high-quality and valuable to engage your audience.

And really, this is a good thing. Consumers know when they’re looking at low-quality content. They’re inundated with pop-up ads, paid search ads, YouTube ads, and more, so they’re seeking content that’s authentic.

They’re also blocking ads, so content can shine even for the audiences immune to traditional advertising (looking at you, Gen Z!).

Consumers want value and content delivers.[1]

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Content Matches Consumer Behavior

We’ve established that consumers know when content is bad, which means they know – and appreciate – when brands put effort into providing the in-depth, valuable information they’re looking for. They know when brands listen and care about their customers.

And they expect it. If a customer clicks on an ad and is interested in what you have to offer, they will likely check your website. If they find a whole lot of nothing on that site, that makes or breaks your ability to convert them into a lead and eventual sale.

They don’t want to see a bunch of pop-ups and a chatbot that says “buy now” with a push for credit card information. They want to learn about your brand and product, and that’s why content matters.

Content Is Long-Lasting

Consumers want content, they know it can’t be faked, and when it’s done well, they trust it. But how does that pay off for you?

Content takes time and effort to create, but that pays off forever. Once you post content online, it never goes away. You may need to refresh or update it, but it’s there, unwavering, and continuing to work for you as long as the internet is around.

You’ll get leads, earn higher rankings for keywords, and most importantly, address your audience’s needs and questions about your brand, product, and industry. In a world dominated by ephemeral social media posts and paid ads, staying power is an impressive benefit.

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Content Demonstrates Authority

There are many ways to establish authority online, but content beats them all. And authority matters, both to consumers and the almighty Google search engine.

Your content is relevant, researched, and valuable to the people asking the questions, and Google sees that. Once you get visitors to your site, your content is how you demonstrate your industry authority to them.

Consumers want to buy from brands they trust. Content builds that trust by showing that you know what you’re talking about, your product or service solves a problem, and you will deliver on your brand’s value promise.

2022 Content Marketing Roundup

Looking Forward to Another Year of Great Content with a Top Content Marketing Agency

Clearly, content marketing works in 2022 and beyond. Blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, and infographics serve your brand and keep providing value and authority years after you put in the work.

At Full Circle SEM, we know content is challenging and time-consuming to produce, so we’re here to do it for you! Contact us today if you’re ready to elevate your brand with top-quality content!



[1] 2018 CONTENT PREFERENCES SURVEY REPORT Blogs, Podcasts Gain Interest As B2B Buyers Look To For Credible Content That Proves Value


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