Improve SEO Rankings With Authorship for Blog Posts

by | Aug 20, 2020 | SEO

Did you know that organic search – clicks coming from search engine queries – accounts for 53% of all web traffic?[1]

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a significant role in the success of your marketing efforts. When done correctly, it can be a long-term, effective, and cost-efficient way of ensuring web traffic for years to come. That’s why you must improve SEO rankings through optimal content creation and other SEO practices for your particular industry.

Keep reading to learn how to implement “EAT” content to elevate your medical, legal, or financial website in the search rankings. (Note that new industries that benefit from authorship and E-A-T are being added all of the time.)

The Importance of Expertise, Authority, and Trust (EAT) in Blogs

Google and other search engines use a combination of human input and machine learning to evaluate websites for search engine ranking. They aim to identify which website characteristics are essential and then analyze every website by that criteria.

In the case of healthcare, medical, financial, and other “high stakes” industries, Google has modified how they calculate search rankings. Referred to as “YMYL” (Your Money or Your Life), Google now categorizes these sites by the potential to impact users’ health, financial stability, or safety.[2]

All sites benefit from backlinks, keywords, and content on blogs and pages to improve SEO rankings. But, websites that provide resources for these specific industries rank higher based on the quality and accuracy of information more than additional SEO factors.

When it comes to ranking highly on Google and other search engines, your professional website should emphasize expertise, authority, and trust (EAT). Your business must provide accurate, accredited, and valuable content to readers if you want it to appear in searches.

There is no “fake news” allowed due to the severity or stakes of providing misinformation. Inaccurate or unsubstantiated claims can risk readers’ physical, mental, and financial health. So, search engines don’t just want your information to be relevant to the search. It must also demonstrate each aspect of EAT to achieve the best results.

Providing Credentials For the Author

Another way to emphasize EAT is by providing credentials that help to validate your accreditation. For example, highlighting awards can be a way to demonstrate recognition as exceptional in your industry.

When a highly-qualified individual writes your blog posts, they demonstrate authority. For example, a psychologist may write a post on addiction treatment. This is especially true if your author has content authored elsewhere, as this creates a history of contributions to be weighted as expertise.

Finally, you can establish trust through creating a transparent website that includes simple contact information, SSL security, terms and conditions, a privacy policy, and other official resources.

How Full Circle SEM Can Help Your Website “EAT”

With the unique challenges that marketing for a rehab, financial service, or other specialty industries entail, working with marketing experts is crucial to achieving the best results.

At Full Circle SEM, our team of marketers and writers can help to highlight your business’s EAT. We will develop a content creation strategy that addresses important keywords and search terms. And, our marketers will also perform on-page SEO optimization for all content posted. This ensures that Google can view your pages and blog posts properly. It also allows your expertise, authority, and trust to shine through your content and earn you a solid ranking.

Our writing team can also work independently or with you to create accurate, well-researched, authoritative, and SEO-optimized content to post on your site. All content undergoes strict quality control and is written from a high level of understanding. So, you can be confident in the information you are putting out without the need to write it yourself. Plus, each written piece fits into a strategic marketing plan to ensure we appropriately implement your target keywords.

Improve SEO Rankings with Content Marketing Today

If your business falls into a YMYL category, it becomes even more critical to create a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy. You must ensure that you follow EAT practices in addition to regular SEO efforts. Additionally, if your content is low quality, incorrect, or your website doesn’t meet the search engines’ criteria, your organic traffic will suffer.

Don’t wait – contact Full Circle SEM today to improve your SEO rankings with a content marketing plan.





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