Everything You Need To Know About Using Video Content Marketing

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In a world where the average person’s attention span is less than that of a goldfish, talk is cheap, and videos sell. Did you know that a whopping 88% say they’ve been moved to buy a product or service simply by watching a video? If that doesn’t get your attention, we’ll prove it and show you how easy it is to boost your traffic and sales using video content marketing.

First, The Data

Skimming over the most recent study by Wyzowl on marketing videos[1] reveals just how vital video content is to your success.

  • 96% of consumers have watched a brand’s video to learn more about their product or service.
  • Only 11% of customers prefer reading text-based articles about products or services.
  • 93% of marketers boast of increased brand awareness thanks to marketing videos.
  • 86% of marketers say their leads increased with the help of videos.
  • Consumers are twice as likely to share marketing videos as opposed to social media posts, blog posts, and articles.

Bottom line: videos sell. And here’s a bit of good news to go along with these facts: you don’t have to be a Hollywood producer to put out marketing videos that will get your customer’s attention and move them to convert.

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Any business owner with a smartphone can make a video showing their product or service and quickly upload it to their favorite channel (Youtube, social media, etc.). In less than one hour, you can be one of the countless companies taking advantage of video marketing and its benefits.

Using Video Content Marketing For SEO-Driven Growth

Thousands of articles and videos show you the best tips and tricks for creating video content. Instead of focusing on the HOW, let’s look more at the WHY. The first reason you should be pumping out marketing videos is that they will boost your SEO ranking quickly and effectively, leading to exponential growth for your business.

Did you know that 87% of marketers credit videos for an increase in their website traffic? [2] That’s because you’re far more likely to show up first in a Google search if you have a video on your website! Those who understand YouTube as a search engine and not a video platform are seeing a spike in the effect that videos have on SEO ranking.

Pro Tip: To take advantage of this, make sure your videos are SEO-friendly with descriptive titles and descriptions. Embed links to your website and products, making it easy for viewers to find you. YouTube is one of the most used search engines on the internet. Put it to use in your video marketing strategy!

Capture More Mobile Users

When was the last time you used a PC to research a quick purchase? Chances are, you do most of your searching on a mobile device, and you’re in good company. According to a study by Statista[3], the amount of people watching videos on their mobile devices has grown from 1.43B in 2016 to more than 2.33B in 2021. Your business has the potential to reach MILLIONS of viewers, or more, with an effective video marketing strategy.

As Google starts prioritizing YouTube videos to drive up its profits, you can be driving yours up, too. All it takes is a mobile-friendly video showing your product’s or service’s benefits and features. Bite-sized videos that load quickly are precisely what mobile users look for when1 making purchasing decisions. It’s time to stop relying on text-based descriptions to make your online sales.

Greater Opportunity For Creative Expression

Video content allows businesses to express their creativity and create a more personal connection better than ever before. Using video marketing also gives you the opportunity to show off your products and services or your team and your brand in new and exciting ways.

Bland and boring videos won’t be effective. Get creative with all of your content:

  • Topical or Educational Videos
  • Branding and Spokesperson Videos
  • Demonstration Videos
  • Instructional How-to Videos
  • Behind-the-Scenes Videos
  • Team Introduction Videos
  • Products “In The Wild” Videos

Use eye-catching colors, music, graphics – anything to grab a viewer’s attention and keep it.

Creating A Video Marketing Strategy

While it’s easy to see why you should be using marketing videos for your business, you may be looking for some practical steps to get started. Like any new endeavor, starting with a solid strategy is best. Here are some simple ways to develop a video marketing strategy for your company.

Zero-In On Your Target Audience

Before you ever press “record” on your first video, it’s absolutely crucial to know who you’re speaking to. In other words, you need to define your target audience clearly. Our favorite way to do this is by creating 2-3 characters that we speak to in all of our marketing videos.

Give them a name, age, and occupation, and even write a brief background. Now when you start to make decisions about your videos, you’ll be able to do so with your target audience in mind.

Create With Purpose

Your target audience is clearly defined now, but do you know why you’re trying to reach them or what you’re trying to say? Marketing videos are most effective when they’re created with purpose, so spend some time brainstorming your campaign goals. Below are some examples.

Give Value

Share expert tips to position yourself as a leader in your field and make the viewer feel as though they got something in return for watching the video.


Do you have a new service? Is there a trick to using your product? Tell them about it with video marketing.


Video marketing is one of the best ways to build relationships and trust. Express your gratitude and introduce yourself with a heartfelt message.

Production and Publishing Timeline

When it comes to video marketing, you must remember that you’re not producing the next blockbuster. Short, concise videos are the ones that get viewed and shared. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put any thought into its production and publishing.

Here are some quick steps when planning your video:

  1. Write down the flow of your video from beginning to end to ensure coherence.
  2. Rid your recording area of distractions and ensure the audio is clear.
  3. Know how to operate all of your equipment beforehand to avoid frustration.
  4. Shoot and edit your video with music and voiceovers.
  5. Upload your video to the channel of your choice.

You Don’t Have To Use All The Platforms

Video marketing channels are growing as more and more users are tuning in, so don’t feel like you have to be on every possible platform. Instead, think about where your target audience is and what the primary focus of the potential channel is.

Finally, decide on one or two primary platforms to distribute your videos. The top four platforms that marketers planned to use in 2022 were YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. [4]

Once you’ve decided which platform to use, look into software that makes it even easier for you by blasting the content based on your audience’s activity. Examples of these would be later.com and repurpose.io. Automation is your best friend when it comes to video marketing.

Create Videos That Match Your Brand Message and Target Audience Needs

A successful video marketing strategy should always involve a focus on consistent messaging. When it comes to developing your brand, your customers should know what to expect from you regarding your tone and messaging. Define what they will be and keep it consistent.

Equally important when it comes to consistency is delivering what your target audience needs and wants. The quickest way to have a viewer bounce is to put out a video that has nothing to do with what they’re looking for. That’s why your video should always start with a plan that keeps the audience in mind.

Track Everything

Anytime you create a new strategy for your business, you need to ensure that it’s implemented effectively and that you’re seeing a return for your efforts. In other words, you need to track everything. Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of this, though. Google Analytics and similar software make it easy to do. These are the metrics to keep an eye on:

  • View Count / Reach – How many people see your video?
  • Play Rate – How relevant and interesting is your video?
  • Interaction – How often are viewers sharing and commenting?
  • Completion Rate – Are people watching the whole video or clicking off?
  • Conversion Rate – How many viewers take your desired action?
  • Bounce Rate – How long are people staying on your page?

FAQS About Using Video Content Marketing

Do I have to be an expert at production to be successful with video marketing?

Heck, no! If you have a smartphone and opposable thumbs, you have all it takes! Your video doesn’t even have to be in focus to be effective (although we recommend that it is!).

How many videos do I need to make?

The more, the merrier! Video marketing is here to stay, and people are getting more and more averse to speaking to sales representatives. The solution? Have a video for every product and service that you offer!

If I only post to one platform, which do you recommend?

With the acquisition of YouTube by Google, we’re going to have to say that’s the one to go with. The good news is that it’s user-friendly and easy to share, so there’s no downside to it.

Hand It Off To The Experts!

Video marketing is not something you can put off; that much should be clear now! The only question is, will you handle it in-house or turn it over to the experts? If you’re taking the DIY approach – we believe in you! If you opt for the latter, we’re here to help make your marketing goals a reality! Reach out to us at Full Circle SEM today!



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