Looking For Content Marketing, Rochester? Your Strategy Involves So Much More Than Just SEO

by | Jan 30, 2023 | Content Marketing

Every business, creator, and marketer needs SEO content. But if you create SEO content only to get your site to rank higher or increase website traffic, it’s not going to land. Local leaders in content marketing, Rochester brand Full Circle SEM, is here to set the record straight.

The Data

Did you know that 30% of search users must rerun their search queries in order to find what they’re looking for?1 What does that tell you? They’re not finding the relevant and quality content they’re looking for among first-page search results.

Google’s obligation is to serve the searcher, not SEO keyword-stuffing brands. This means their objective is to “deliver the most relevant and reliable information available.” According to their own materials, 15% of searches are new inquiries they’ve never encountered before.2 Their AI algorithm is hard at work every second of every day to produce what searchers are looking for, even if it’s uncharted territory.

The Implications

What’s happened in our information-overloaded age is that the number one search engine in the world. Google continues to get smarter with every search. It ranks and triages all searches based first on relevance, second on distance, and third on brand prominence.3

If you design your content marketing strategy based solely on your keyword research, will your customers truly find what they’re looking for? Unfortunately, that’s not likely. Your SEO strategy is critical for your business to rank higher and increase website traffic.

But good SEO content marketing strategies are essential for generating conversions. A good SEO content strategy will balance relative keywords while still serving the intention behind the search. You must design a positive user experience and continue blog posting about relevant topics infused with a deeper understanding of consumer intent.

The truth is, you don’t want searchers to simply visit your website. You want them to stay on your website, consume your content, and take the actions your business needs. For that to occur, you must create content worthy of their attention.

A Note About SEO

Do modern brands need SEO content marketing strategies? Absolutely. We’re not advocating for a reduction in SEO. We’re advocating for proper and more effective use of SEO that keeps the audience and their needs at the core of all messaging, from blog posting and social media to digital PR and web copy.

Audience Research

The direction for any piece of content begins and ends with the intended audience. Here are four critical questions you should ask yourself when developing your content marketing, Rochester businesses:

  • Exactly who is your audience, in great detail?
  • What are they specifically looking for?
  • How will what you’re producing truly help them?
  • Is it better than a competitor’s resource?

These questions should inform your content strategy and drive the quality of your resources.

Understanding Keyword Intent

Balancing keywords and search intent starts with understanding the three primary search categories and how they impact individual searches.


In the awareness stage, searchers are looking for informational data that helps them understand a new topic, product, or service. It also represents non-transactional searches. These consumers aren’t ready to buy, they’re still navigating this field and discovering their options. An example of an awareness search would be “what is X?”

Research and Comparison

More specific searches help consumers narrow down their choices now that they understand their options. These would still be non-transactional but could progress deeper into your sales funnel with an applicable call to action. An example of a research-driven search would be “X vs. Y” or “What are the benefits of XX vs. YY?”

Purchase-Driven Search

Consumers have an explicit intent to buy, register, etc. They know what they need, know which option they want, and are ready to take action. An example of a purchase-driven search would be “Buy XX,” “Where to buy XX,” or “XX near me.”

Create Content For Each Search Phase

Infusing the right keywords is not enough. Throwing up a page or two with a few key topics doesn’t cut it. You have to think past your brand and your revenue when creating content. It’s also unrealistic to expect immediate returns.

Planning and creating quality content that resonates with the intended audience and speaks directly to the intent behind their search is a detailed process. It requires a deeper understanding of what your market is searching for, why they need it, and how you will fill the gap.

Leverage real-time search insights to get an insider’s look at the intent of your audience and where they’re at today. Learn about their obstacles and the knowledge they lack. Provide quality content to give value. Learn what their other searches indicate and leverage other intent-driven keyword opportunities that consumers may encounter on their journey through your sales funnel.

At this stage, it’s also appropriate – and necessary – to check up on the competition. What are they putting out? Is it high-quality? Written or video? Is it dry or dynamic and engaging? Short-form content or long-form content? These indicators will help you understand what differentiators will set your content apart from your competitors.

Content Should Be Value-Driven

When you create consumer-focused content that seeks to solve their problems, your value increases in the consumer’s estimation. You know your market and the obstacles and choices they’re faced with – the reasons why they’re searching for answers. Your product and services should solve them. And your content should solve them.

Content Should Be Dynamic

All forms of consumer-facing content should be dynamic and easy to consume. But as is all too common with most standard SEO content marketing, it’s plugged with terms that aren’t natural to read and off-putting to consumers.

While not all of this can be avoided from a strategic standpoint, most of it can be rectified with dynamic and engaging content that connects visually and emotionally. Use video content and infographics to keep their attention. Present information in a well-organized fashion and offer both a summary as well as detailed information.

Content Should Be Optimized

Creating content just to put it out there will not be as effective or helpful if the people it was created to help never see it. Unless you have a powerful amount of traffic being directed to your content already, you’ll need an SEO strategy to support your advertising efforts.

A reliable SEO and content marketing firm can help you create high-quality content that’s optimized for SEO but remains relevant to your consumers and potential customers. This balance must be struck to elevate your brand’s position in the marketplace and authentically serve your target customer.

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