Keeping Your Ad Spend Under Control with a Google Advertising Agency

by | May 1, 2021 | PPC

Keeping Your Ad Spend Under Control with a Google Advertising Agency Rochester, NY

Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business with limited financial resources or you’re suddenly faced with a smaller ad budget, the pressure is on to make the most of your PPC dollars. Fortunately, there are ways to optimize your available funds when working with a Google advertising agency. Rochester, NY search engine marketing firm, Full Circle SEM, offers some great tips on saving money and optimizing your Google Ads budget.

Combine These Two Data Columns to Find the Best Performing Ads Easily

When analyzing your ad’s performance, you’ll typically include a column that captures the click-through-rate (CTR) and another column for its conversion rate (CVR). But when you scan both of those columns side-by-side, it isn’t easy to come away with an easy way to identify which ad performed best. Some ads with a high CTR are disappointing when it comes to conversions, and some high-converting ads have low click-through. Make the evaluation process more concise by using the data in those two columns to create a third metric: Impressions-to-Conversions (conversions divided by impression).

It’s easy to create a custom column in your Google Ads account, and this simple calculation will give you better information as to which ads in your campaign are the best performers.

Use Exact Match and Long-Tail Keywords

For many years, Google recommended that advertisers use 10-20 keywords per ad group. But that makes it more difficult to deliver ads relevant to all 10-20 keywords. If you’re short on funds, consider using single keyword ad groups (known as SKAGs) so that only that one keyword match will trigger an ad. This strategy helps you write ads that are more relevant to the searcher, increasing your click-through rate.

Also, consider SKAGs that feature long-tail keywords. Besides being more specific (and thus more relevant), long-tail keywords have less competition and allow you to bid lower. So, how many words should your long-tail keyword contain? Try to keep it between 2-5 words. One-word keywords are expensive because they’re so competitive, and keywords longer than five words don’t get much in the way of search volume.

Target In-Market Segments From Your Google Analytics Report

By connecting your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, you can find lucrative audiences to target in your Google Ads campaigns and design a better-optimized ad buy.

Begin by opening your Google Analytics account, and after clicking on the tab labeled “Audience,” click on “In-Market Segments.” The “In-Market Segments” portion of your audience data reflects visitors to your website that are segmented according to what they’re in the market for.

While you’re still in Google Analytics, add the conversion goal you’re aiming to achieve with your Google Ads campaign to the report and then scan the data to look for audiences with the highest conversion rates. Add these audiences to your Google Ads campaigns, where you’ll give them a higher bid adjustment. Essentially, you’re assigning more value to people who are actively in the market because this audience segment is more likely to click on your ad and convert.

Make Sure your Ad Copy and Landing Pages are Targeted for Exact Match Keywords

If you target your ad campaigns for your SKAGs, you’ll ensure that the ad message they see and the page they land on after they click on your ad will be highly targeted to match their search intent.

As a searcher, it’s very satisfying to find exactly what you’re looking for when you click on an ad on Google search. On the contrary, it’s entirely frustrating to click through to a website and find vague or more general information that requires that you have to keep searching. Consumers are impatient. They want to find what they’re looking for immediately. And if they’re truly in the market for what you have to offer, they’ll be thrilled to be taken to a page that will let them quickly and easily sign up or make a purchase.

When you craft your campaigns to achieve a high level of targeting, it results in higher CTRs and CVRs, and a more efficient ad buy for your limited budget.

Spend your Ad Dollars Wisely with the Help of a Google Advertising Agency in Rochester NY

Rochester, NY search engine marketing firm, Full Circle SEM, understands that businesses are looking for more than just increased site visits. They want ad campaigns that convert. That means sending the kind of traffic to your web page that will impact your bottom line.

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