Running Google Ads? If You’re Not Also Doing Dedicated Call Tracking, You’re Wasting Your Money…Here’s Why

by | Feb 25, 2022 | PPC

Running Google ads with PPC management in Rochester can help you generate leads and improve conversions – but it’s not the whole picture. Data tracking provides in-depth insights into the business, marketing campaigns, and customers. Call tracking offers critical insights to improve your overall ad campaign performance for PPC ads. 

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking allows you to get detailed data from phone conversations with customers to give you insights into the marketing campaigns that drove the phone call. When customers call a business utilizing call tracking, the company can tell what prompted the call.

In addition, conversational analytics can analyze the call to determine if the customer made an appointment, got a quote, or made a purchase, showing a conversion. You can then use this information for attribution in marketing campaigns and optimize social media, web pages, and other platforms to attract more high-value customers.

How Can Marketers Use Call Tracking?

Businesses typically use call tracking to optimize paid search and digital marketing campaigns, enhance the end-to-end customer journey and personalize the customer experience. The main benefits include reduced cost-per-customer acquisition, lower cost-per-click on PPC ads, and improved return on investment.

To get attribution, you need to capture data from each customer lead driven by PPC ads, which is contained in the caller profile. This data may include:

  • First-party data, such as customer records
  • Third-party demographic data
  • Customer journey data, such as website visitation and ad exposure
  • Call metrics, such as time of day, area code, and length of the call
  • Conversational data from the call

All of these metrics can create a rich, in-depth caller profile, giving you insights into what marketing efforts drive the most calls.

How to Optimize Google PPC Ads with Call Tracking

Companies use call tracking for many purposes, but optimizing paid search is one of its most significant advantages. With call tracking, you can gain attribution for phone calls and subsequent conversions that your ad spend drives.

This may include information about the customer journey and its connection to ads and phone calls. For example, you can see which campaign led to a phone call and include it in a report of individual calls and conversions in Google Ads. Of course, you can get even more granular with your data with the proper setup. (This is where working with a company like Full Circle SEM comes in handy.)

Because Google Ads includes call conversions like any other conversion, you can consider this data similar to any other digital conversion data.

For example, you can:

  • Measure revenue from calls to determine ad ROI
  • Use conversions to optimize keyword spend using automated bidding
  • See which ads and keywords are driving a call

Additionally, you can use call tracking data along with the Smart Bidding algorithm for excellent results. Integrations with Google Ads help you optimize paid ads against events happening on the phone to reduce cost-per-acquisition and increase conversions, all thanks to the bidding algorithm.

Call Tracking for PPC Ads

Call tracking has indirect benefits for PPC ads as well. Improving the customer experience on a call is about more than customer service. If an ad drives a call and the caller has a poor experience, the best ad in the world won’t get conversions. Personalizing the customer experience on the call ensures that you aren’t wasting your marketing efforts when it comes time to close.

For personalization, call tracking can pull real-time insights about the caller and the campaign or keyword that motivated the call. You can use this information to filter calls to ensure customers reach the correct department without spending unnecessary time on the phone.

For example, suppose a customer puts a product in their cart and makes a call before finishing the purchase. In that case, they can be directed to a representative who knows there’s a product in the checkout process and why the customer is calling.

Call Tracking and PPC Management in Rochester with Full Circle SEM

Call tracking has many benefits, but it’s crucial to get the right call tracking software and agency partner. At Full Circle SEM, a PPC management and digital marketing agency in Rochester, we’ve created our own patent-pending process of tracking offline conversions. And we’ve partnered with one of the premier call tracking companies to create a comprehensive suite of products.

Contact us today if you’re ready to take your Google PPC ads to the next level with conversion tracking and call tracking solutions!


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