The Importance of Drug Rehab Call Tracking

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Most people who decide to attend drug rehab use the phone to get information on the program. Drug rehab facilities that use call tracking can get valuable information about their incoming clients. They also can use the data to determine which marketing efforts were most effective in driving calls to their centers. Read ahead to learn the kind of data drug rehab call tracking produces, how to use it effectively, and why it benefits your business.

What Kind of Data Can You Get From Call Tracking?

Call tracking software records information about incoming calls and may even be able to record the call itself. Using call tracking, you can find out where the caller is from, the exact time of the call, and his or her specific reasons for calling. If the recording or transcript is available, you’ll also be able to analyze how your employee spoke to the caller. This is especially helpful when you’re getting a lot of calls but not seeing a lot of intakes.

Call tracking also lets a rehab center know which marketing strategies or even specific campaigns bring in the most calls. With this kind of detail, you’ll be able to decide where to focus your attention or spend your budget moving forward. Additionally, you’ll be able to identify which messaging elements worked best to motivate the caller to take action.

How to Use Call Tracking Effectively

Your rehab center first must set up tracking software in all the places it wishes to track incoming calls. That includes its website and all other marketing materials and traditional advertising media (e.g., PPC ads, social media, radio, newspapers, billboards, etc.).

Once the tracking software setup is complete, unique and identifiable tracking phone numbers for each marketing or advertising source are assigned. This tracking phone number will mask your actual phone number as a different one attached to each incoming call source.

Getting Staff on Board with Call Tracking

When your staff receives a phone call, the call must be labeled or “tagged.” The center will need to determine what kind of tags to use, but the descriptions can categorize calls into groupings once those tags are established.

For example, a rehab center may want to tag calls to identify:

  • The type of treatment the caller is seeking
  • Whether the person calling is the prospective client or someone calling on behalf of a client
  • The person calling is just trying to get information or is ready to begin the rehab process
  • Whether the person is a new lead, an existing lead, or even a previous client

Whichever way you decide to label the calls, identifying them with a tag will be useful in later analysis of either the method used to drive the call or the conversation itself. (And when you work with FCSEM, we’ll use those labels and tags to provide an extremely detailed analysis each month!)

Why Call Tracking is So Valuable For Your Rehab Center’s Business

Call Tracking Helps Manage Important Client Data

Software that records an entire phone call contains detailed information about the client and the reason for the call. When a rehab center has full access to the caller’s exact words, it’s easier to ensure that the client will receive the appropriate treatment. Better care always results from more information.

Call Tracking Can Provide a Better Client Experience

Call recordings provide data about the client and reveal how staff communicates with callers. An analysis of the recording can identify the caller’s words, terms, or tone and which communication styles are most effective in booking clients.

With its use of masked phone numbers, call tracking can give rehabs a 1-800 number a more local appeal since masking generally removes those digits that most people associate with impersonal toll-free calls. More than 85% of consumers trust local businesses more than national or international ones.1 Of course, some rehabs decide to keep using toll-free numbers, especially if they expect to find leads from other states.

Call Tracking Gives Insights About Caller Behavior

Knowing which days of the week or which times of day resulted in more leads – or even whether or not the phone call’s length had an impact – can provide useful information for scheduling advertising or how to develop an effective script for the staff who answer calls. Call recordings are an invaluable tool to use when training new admissions staff.

Call Tracking Allows You the Analyze the Impact of Various Campaign Components

One of the biggest advantages of call tracking is that it gives the rehab center a way to determine which marketing initiative performs best at getting leads. It will also expose the efforts that were duds or not as effective. Knowing how many calls come from organic searches versus social media or paid advertising helps rehab centers budget their marketing resources more efficiently.

See Increased Conversion with Drug Rehab Call Tracking

Full Circle SEM can provide the expertise needed to implement and manage call tracking for your facility. With it, you can get a better read on your clients, customer service, and marketing efforts. But to achieve the maximum benefits from a call tracking program, you need experts who can oversee and analyze the results. The marketing specialists at Full Circle SEM can implement and manage your call-tracking program. That way, you can focus on patient and client care.

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