Types Of SEO Content To Include In Your Content Marketing Plan

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Content Marketing

Whatever the size or industry sector of a business, taking advantage of search engine optimization is crucial for survival in today’s highly saturated digital world. A solid strategy and implementing the best types of SEO content like those utilized by Fort Lauderdale SEO Services allows sites to rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. The higher a brand’s content ranks on search engines, the greater their brand awareness and authority becomes.

SEO tactics help brands gain more targeted traffic, leads, and inevitably sales and growth when you implement them properly.

6 Types of SEO Content To Take Marketing Strategies To The Next Level

Ranking highly on search engines is possible when creating high-quality content through these successful content mediums:

#1: Evergreen Content

Companies create evergreen content to stay relevant and help audiences well past the publish date. This might include listicles, how-to guides, tips, and advice-based articles instead of content surrounding time-sensitive events, product launches, or any newsworthy trending topic.

Since search engine algorithms typically reward this valuable content, evergreen content is a goldmine for better rankings and traffic. This is because evergreen content provides value for months or even years to come, as it is more in-depth and educational than content with a shorter shelf life.

#2: Long-Form Blog Posts

Long-form blogs are in-depth pieces of content for businesses to establish their expertise. In addition, longer articles provide ample space for brands to showcase their unique voice and stance on a slew of topics in their industry or business sector.

Studies found that long-form content over 3,000 words acquire 77.2% more backlinks than short articles.[1] Since backlinks help content rank higher on search engines, long-form blogs are a great tactic for better SEO rankings. Ultimately, the longer the content, the more chances you have to integrate SEO keywords seamlessly and naturally into the title and copy of the article.

#3: Visual-Based Content

The saying a picture is worth a thousand words most definitely applies to ranking highly on Google and other search engines. This is because infographics, videos, and other visual-based content provide internet users with a much-needed break from written content and offer a great addition to any business’s blog or website landing pages.

Videos, images, and infographics can sustain consumers’ attention longer than text alone. They increase a web page’s entertainment value and keep consumers on a web page longer, all of which lead to a boosted SEO ranking. It was found that videos are 50 times more likely to have organic ranks on Google than content made up of words alone.[2]

#4: How-To Guides

Since search engine algorithms favor content that provides value to its audiences, how-to guides are a perfect format for boosting rankings and establishing a business’s credibility on a topic of their expertise. In addition, how-to guides allow brands to explain how to use their product or service in great detail. They can be accomplished in the form of an article, infographic, or even video.

#5: FAQ Pages

Frequently asked questions pages provide consumers with helpful information, often aiding them in making a more informed purchasing decision. When a brand creates an FAQ page containing detailed and credible answers to their target audience’s common search queries, they increase their chances of snagging the coveted “featured snippet” ranking on Google.

A featured snippet is the number one slot at the top of a search engine results page. Since 71% of consumers prefer voice search instead of typing queries on Google,[3] many search terms are naturally structured in the format of a question already.

Leverage The Power Of Fort Lauderdale SEO Services

With a variety of audio, visual, and written forms of digital content to play with, it’s clear that the possibilities for SEO are endless.

To embark on a solid SEO content marketing plan, take advantage of the skills that Full Circle SEM brings to the table. With years of experience focused on search engine optimization strategy, our team of SEO professionals can transform your business’s SEO rankings.



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