Creating Your Addiction Treatment Center Marketing Plan

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Addiction Treatment Center Marketing

Addiction treatment is a unique industry to be in. When it comes to the health and safety of others – especially those dealing with a mental illness like addiction – it can be difficult to find the right way to advertise. However, each new person that your marketing strategy reaches is another opportunity to save someone’s life. So, addiction treatment center marketing is an important part of any rehab center. In addition to being sensitive to your audience, rehabs must follow very specific guidelines with every marketing platform. It can be extremely difficult to stay on top of which guidelines apply to which platforms. This is where partnering with an agency specializing in addiction treatment center marketing can make a world of difference.

Keep reading to learn how you can make the most of your addiction treatment marketing campaigns and help more people with addiction.

How to Approach Addiction Treatment Center Marketing

Search Engine Optimization for Addiction Treatment Centers

When someone is looking for information, they Google it. It is estimated that Google handles over 5 billion searches per day,[1] which makes it an essential marketing avenue for your rehab center. However, if you aren’t towards the top of the search engines, you may as well be invisible because the top 3 search results receive over 67% of clicks.[2]

To ensure your website gets seen, it’s important to implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategies on and off your site. Most people assume that you can add important keywords like “addiction treatment” to your website content or meta tags, and you can tell Google and other search engines that your page is related to their search. But there is much more to SEO than adding your keyword to your site. And every part of your marketing plan will work together to give you the best results.

Using your website’s blog as a resource for important information related to addiction treatment is one part of a successful SEO plan for rehabs. This creates both shareable content for social media and more pages for search engines to point potential clients to.

To maximize your search engine optimization, it’s difficult to implement it effectively on your own. Working with a digital marketing specialist that is familiar with the intricacies of drug rehab marketing ensures you’re reaching your maximum efficiency.

Pay-Per-Click Ads for Drug Rehabs

Organic traffic through SEO is the building block for addiction treatment marketing. But, pay-per-click (PPC) ads can also be very effective. PPC ads are promoted listings, banners, and links that cost you money every time someone clicks. These put your website in a prime position to earn traffic, but can also get expensive quickly.

If you want your PPC ad campaign to be successful, targeting the right audience is essential. Even though most people assume that they need to only advertise to their local area, you know that clients are willing to travel for treatment if they need to escape a dangerous situation or certain triggers. We can help you to refine your targeting to include not only your local area but also areas where you see clients coming from. A reputable agency will create your campaigns and give you detailed feedback on where your marketing dollars are being spent and where they are working best to refine your PPC campaigns. This way, you can reach the people most likely to seek treatment at your rehab center without wasting your marketing budget on dead ends.

Social Media for Rehabs

While social media is not really the first place you think of when it comes to addiction, it can still be a valuable resource for your addiction center. Almost half of the population is on social media, which means that people who need help are there too.[3]

One way to successfully use social media for addiction treatment center marketing is to create a community. Creating a page on Facebook, for example, allows you to bring together clients who have graduated from treatment, providing resources for continuing recovery. This allows you to create social proof of your program, collecting testimonials and reviews that can help sway someone to choose your program.

Social media can also help connect those needing treatment with success cases, which can lead to more clients through recommendations. Or, if you post your valuable blog resources to your social media pages, you can earn some free traffic to your website. Some rehabs also have private Facebook Groups where alumni can communicate and share information.

Earn More Clients with Effective Addiction Treatment Center Marketing

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is essential if you want to reach more clients and help more people struggling with addiction.

With years of experience working with addiction treatment centers, Full Circle SEM is your choice for addiction treatment center marketing. Offering data-driven, specialized, and effective marketing services, you can increase visibility, grow your web traffic, and begin converting more leads from your website, phones, and social media. From web design to social media marketing, there’s nothing we can’t do.

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