The Effectiveness of PPC Campaigns to Generate Leads for Your Drug Rehab

by | Jul 7, 2020 | PPC

As a business, your goal is always to find more customers, increase sales, and generate more revenue. When your business is a rehabilitation facility, generating more leads for your drug rehab means that you can help more people struggling with addiction. Talk about a win-win!

But, finding ways to generate more calls and clicks isn’t always easy. Many businesses turn to pay-per-click (PPC) ads, which provide your business with unique advertising opportunities at a specific cost for every click they generate. These ads can be incredibly effective when done correctly but are also risky if not handled correctly.[1] Marketing campaigns are very fragile, and if your ads aren’t generating sales, you will lose money with every click.

At Full Circle SEM, we believe that PPC advertising is a critical part of any rehabilitation facility’s marketing campaign, and we have the tools and experience to maximize your return on investment (ROI). Keep reading to learn how we can unlock the full potential of your marketing budget with our pay-per-click services.

Why PPC Excels at Generating Leads for Your Drug Rehab

Drug rehab is a very specific industry. People seeking out addiction treatment services (especially those making a local search) are often potential customers or looking for someone else. There’s not often a search for “drug rehab near me” unless someone has the intent to click through the search results!

Unfortunately, Google and other search engines have a variety of other results to compete with for organic search rankings. Medical resources, helplines, and competitors may show up before you, so getting to the top of the page – and in front of the customer’s eyes – is essential.

When you use PPC advertising to generate leads for your drug rehab, you are bypassing all of the other search results (for a price). This gets you at the top of the page, and thanks to the generally higher conversion rate associated with local rehabilitation searches, these clicks can mean business.

PPC advertising also allows you to target only potential customers with your paid ads. You don’t necessarily need someone who lives a few states away to get your advertisement and cost you money with their click. However, we also understand that some clients do travel to rehab, and we’ll work with you to determine where you’d like to target your campaigns. Your campaign can specifically isolate your target audience and only be shown to them, preventing wasted marketing dollars and improving your return on investment. Meanwhile, your SEO efforts can improve your web presence and add to trustworthiness for less-motivated searchers who aren’t actively looking to become customers.

Restrictions and Regulations in PPC Ads for Drug Rehabs – Choosing Campaigns to Generate Leads

You may remember in 2017 when Google made the decision to pull PPC ads for drug rehabs with little to no warning. During that time, the professionals of Full Circle SEM worked around the clock for each of our clients. We worked with each client to figure out the best way to maximize their exposure to keep their doors open for new clients, along with continuously working to get Google to re-evaluate their pull of ads and figure out a plan moving forward. We are proud to say that each of the clients working with us during that time is still open and helping clients achieve long-term sobriety.

Dedication like this separates working with Full Circle SEM for your PPC campaigns from the other marketing partners out there. While PPC is our founding service, we can offer our clients a full range of digital marketing services so that if something comes up with one category of advertising, we’re ready and already working in another medium.

How Full Circle SEM Optimizes PPC Campaigns to Generate Leads

At Full Circle SEM, PPC campaigns are our specialty. We understand the importance of paid advertising as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, especially for rehabs where well-crafted ads can provide a great ROI.

One of the features that truly sets us apart is our call tracking system, which allows you to unlock more data and insight from calls than ever before. In our experience working with rehabilitation facilities, many of the leads generated come from phone calls. While tracking clicks from online ads to your website is easy, a phone call is not so easy.

Our PPC phone tracking allows us to create a unique phone number for each visitor that clicks on an advertisement. This number can be used to identify the specific ad copy used, the keyword search it came from, and more to provide insight into which ads are working and which are not.

The unique phone number is tied to the user’s cookies, so if that number receives a call, we know that the ad-click converted. Once they are on the phone, your business can take over and finish the deal.

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