Looking For SEO Services, Fort Lauderdale? Local SEO Audits, The Google 3-pack, And Other Strategies To Get Found

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Most consumers’ first instinct is to head straight for Google when looking for a local store or product. Online visibility is critical in increasing foot traffic or local inquiries. If your location or product serves a specific geographical area, understanding local SEO and leveraging it for your business is essential.

Hubspot reports that 72% of consumers who conducted a local search visited a store within five miles of their search location.[1] Whatever resource they were searching for was populated in local search results. Stores must remember that Google’s primary objective is to serve the searcher, not the advertiser or the listing. This means the algorithm will promote what it thinks is the most relevant result to the searcher.

Standard SEO practices are what get you found for broad topical searches. Local SEO optimization is how your neighbor finds your office.  They’re both important, but each plays a very different role.  Professional SEO Services Fort Lauderdale brands should look to for help structure their online presence to ensure their result is the one that is found.

Local SEO audits can help brands evaluate where they stand regarding local visibility and where they need to improve to generate more local business. Google is always innovating and bringing new avenues for results and growth to both searchers and advertisers. One of their most powerful solutions is the Google My Business (GMB) and the Local 3-Pack.

These are some of the most valuable assets Fort Lauderdale businesses should have in action for local SEO services. Let’s dig in and discover how these tools can help local businesses generate more traffic, business, and revenue.

Local SEO Audits

A local SEO audit is a process of conducting a detailed analysis of the company’s website, from sitemap to on-page content. This data compilation will provide valuable insight into current website performance and potential search engine optimization opportunities.

An audit indicates new strategic keywords, proximity and relevancy results, how competitors rank, and other SEO factors that can boost any business higher on Google. Searchers and advertisers alike understand that having your company show up towards the top of search engine results page listings will drive more traffic both to the website as well as the front doors of a brick-and-mortar location.

Eventually, this increase in traffic also results in an increase in revenue. The long-term goal is ultimately the growth of the business.

Pre-Audit Checklist

Before looking for an SEO company, Fort Lauderdale businesses should check for these standard practices and evaluate the results.

  • Ensure all business contact information is accurate
  • There should be a clickable phone number
  • Add a map on the website for easy navigation
  • Embed testimonials throughout the website
  • Feature at least one video per page

Local SEO Best Practices

Here is where every audit should start.

Optimizing Keywords

Strategic keyword research is one of the strongest elements of a local SEO strategy. Using the geographic location throughout the content and in connection to keyword phrases is an easy way to increase on-page SEO.

Check Out The Competition

Evaluate competitor websites and online content. Conduct Google searches based on products and services both companies offer and discover who ranks higher for each search.  See how they’re using keywords and phrases and what else they may have in place that could contribute to better rankings.

Verify All Links

Broken links and poor website organization can lead the AI crawler bots to steer clear of your content. Verify that all links route to the appropriate destination internally as well as externally. Don’t forget links from social media, other apps or platforms such as Yelp or Angi, and borrowed media links on news sites or blogs.

Google My Business and The Google 3-Pack

No one would be surprised to learn that Google dominates the global search engine market share. As of July 2022, Bing only represented 9% of the global search market, while Google accounted for over 83%.[2] The mobile market numbers are even stronger, with Google representing over 93% of all searches.[3]

For any business that wants to succeed in the local market. leveraging the tools that Google provides is critical for visibility. Google’s local SEO 3-pack is a group of the top three preferred listings Google will serve at the top of search results just below sponsored listings.

Based on cities or using “near me,” will serve this 3-pack. Contained in each 3-pack listing is Google Business Profile information. The top three results focus on relevancy over distance. For example, if there is a competitor with a similar product who is 10 miles away from the searcher but offers stronger SEO-driven content, Google will promote that listing over a similar store only five miles away due to perceived relevance.

GMB and 3-Pack Best Practices

Don’t let this free and powerful tool go to waste! Before getting an audit from professional SEO services, Fort Lauderdale businesses should optimize their GMB profile.

  • Complete the Google My Business profile
  • Double-check all info for accuracy (location, hours, phone number, industry, etc.)
  • Ensure only high-quality photos are used in the listing
  • Check and respond to any reviews

Contact The Top SEO Company Fort Lauderdale Businesses Trust For Your Local SEO Audit

When it comes to local SEO, consumers are not likely to wait around until your profile is optimized. Don’t lose business to your competitors by not hiring professional SEO services. Fort Lauderdale businesses can get ahead of the curve by calling today!



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