Social Media Marketing (An Overview)

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Social media marketing is a great way to get a lot of exposure, especially when budgets are tight. Utilizing an SEM agency that is also an SMM agency is a smart move as it allows you more options when it comes to marketing your business or website. Because social media marketing is so broad, you can imagine how many benefits there are when it comes to taking advantage of it.

Reduce Your Budget by Posting on Social Media

Everyone loves saving money, and you can do that when you use this form of marketing. It is absolutely free to post something on Facebook, send a tweet, pin a photo on Pinterest, or use just about any other popular social media website. Utilizing a marketing company that helps you get off the ground with this type of marketing is an easy way to maximize your marketing dollars.

You can also use social media and internet marketing companies to take advantage of paid social media advertising. This includes promoting posts on Facebook to reach a wider audience, sponsoring tweets on Twitter to have more people read them, and much more. Social Media PPC marketing options have exploded in the past several years. Many people are overwhelmed by the options available to them so it’s best to contact a social media marketing expert for some guidance.  It’s also important to clearly define your online marketing objectives: while social media is great for branding, if you’re looking to drive conversions, your money may be better spent on other channels (think PPC).

Offer Better Customer Service

By providing a more relatable and easier way to contact you and see that you’re a real person, you instantly offer a more human approach to marketing. You can respond to your customers over just about any social media platform, typically quicker and easier than you would be able to via email. Plus, keeping up with your customer’s opinions on you and your business is always useful.

Show Off Your Personality in Your Social Media Posts

Customers want to know that you’re real. You can truly let your colors shine on social media, expressing your opinions on current events and keeping up with the things your type of customers keep up with. This allows you to relate to your readers easier. Plus, whenever you post something funny or memorable, people tend to share it. When you get a post shared enough times, there’s bound to be some new loyal readers every single time.  There’s also the potential to create that perfect social media campaign that ends up “going viral”, which can bring unprecedented attention to your site or brand for practically nothing.

Change Your Search Results

Utilizing SMM is actually a great way to impact your organic search results. When you share your content over social media, it speeds up the process in which search engines rank you, and helps to determine how high they rank you. Google and Bing’s search algorithms both account for social media signals.

Associate With Other Businesses

Communicating with other businesses openly on social media outlets is a great way to network. Networking is valuable when it comes to businesses. You can communicate with other business owners and entrepreneurs to write guest posts, help advertise on each other’s websites and social media pages, and more.

Customers Can Prove You’re Real

Virtually every business has a Facebook page, Twitter account or LinkedIn that they regularly update. In fact, if you don’t have at least one business social media account, you are doing a disservice to your business. But more importantly, you need to post on social media. It’s not enough to just have a page anymore. You also need to provide content on your social media page for your followers to be engaged with. Using SMM allows customers to see that you’re real and will over time boost your online reputation. It’s also a fun way to interact with customers or potential customers.

There’s a lot to love about marketing in social media. Choosing an agency to take advantage of this channel for you will allow you to communicate more openly with your customers and share your content to an even wider audience. Taking advantage of social media opportunities, especially when combined with additional advertising strategies like PPC or SEO, is a great foundation for a winning internet marketing strategy… and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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