Succeeding With Facebook Advertising

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Info, PPC

Advertising on Facebook is a marketing strategy that has become popular among businesses of all sizes, and for good reason. Advertising on this constantly growing social media platform can open up an incredible array of opportunities for your business. Below are a couple of the main types of advertising you can explore on Facebook, as well as some of the main reasons why you should be marketing on Facebook in the first place.

Sponsoring Posts On Facebook

Sponsored posts are a simple and effective way of reaching new customers. When you make a post on Facebook and then sponsor it, meaning that you pay to have it circulated among specific demographics of Facebook users, you are allowing your brand to be displayed not only to your own followers, but to hundreds of thousands, and in some cases, millions of others. Both large and small businesses have seen great results with sponsored posts. By putting out regular sponsored Facebook posts over time, you will be able to look at various data points collected from your posts and make better advertising and marketing decisions going forward, specifically as it regards to targeting, which is the best way to make sure you are spending your advertising money wisely.

Pay Per Click Facebook Ads

PPC advertisements have been used for internet marketing purposes for many years now, and this continues to be a strong marketing method to pursue, especially on Facebook. When you place a pay-per-click ad on Facebook, you will be doing just that – paying for each click that your advertisement receives.  The cost that you will pay for each click your advertisement generates will depend on advertisement type, your target demographics, your industry, etc. PPC can be extremely effective when approached in the right way, as these types of advertisements can send highly targeted traffic to your main products and services. You are also, however, able to choose to pay per impression, meaning you pay for a set number of people who see the ad instead of just the ones who click it. Depending on what your end goal is for your particular ad, one method may be more beneficial than the other.

The Benefits Of Facebook Advertising

Getting started with Facebook advertising can be done with an investment as small as $5.00. This makes setting up some pay per click ads or a sponsored post an option for your business, no matter how restricted your advertising budget may be. The best way to approach this is to talk with a search engine marketing specialist, which can instruct you on the latest and greatest practices for placing these types of ads and help you set up a regular schedule of sponsored posts.

Another one of the major benefits of using Facebook ads is that they send extremely targeted visitors to your website, as you are able to tailor the display options for your advertisement in order to show it only to your most profitable customer demographics. By doing this, you will only be spending your valuable advertising dollars on the interest of people who are truly willing to buy what you have to sell.

In addition to all of this, when you use Facebook ads, the social media presence of your business will be expanding consistently over time. Running your ads will lead to new people liking your business Facebook page every day, which will contribute to increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.

As you can see, the opportunities that advertising on Facebook can open up for your business are plentiful. In order to make sure that your new pay per click ads and sponsored posts get off on the right foot, it is a good idea to consult with an online marketing agency that specializes in creating and optimizing such campaigns.

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