Upgraded URLs in Adwords – an Easier Way to Manage URLS?

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The capacity for constant connectivity has completely changed the way that people interact with businesses, meaning that businesses are being forced to compile more data and metrics for the purpose of successfully managing campaign performance. In order to support the need for greater precision in tracking, Google has introduced an upgraded URL system that provides a remarkable amount of flexibility. The new upgraded URL program allows businesses to manage their AdWords accounts with greater ease and accuracy.

The Immediate Benefit of This New Program

The benefits of upgrading URLs are multitudinous, but the collective benefit is that this new program allows businesses to use upgraded URLs in Adwords to help organize, categorize and manage the growing amount of data that is necessary for businesses to remain competitive when using the Google AdWords program.

One area in which upgraded URLs will have a significant impact is in the area of efficiency. The new way that URLs can be used will assist businesses in reducing the amount of time that is spent in compiling, analyzing and managing the data that is collected to measure the performance of Adwords campaigns. While this can be a complicated process, PPC management agencies, such as Full Circle SEM, offers the expertise and resources necessary to maximize PPC campaigns through programs like AdWords.

Google AdWords is one of the most utilized tools for companies looking to increase traffic to their website and to other online offers. The ability to identify and track how different campaigns are performing is vital to having the capacity to function with a high level of precision, and the flexibility associated with updated URLs allows businesses to quickly evaluate the data and make any necessary adjustments quickly.

Website speed and reduced crawl on the site is also a powerful benefit. As much as it is important to drive targeted traffic to a site, it is also important to ensure that the visitor has a pleasurable and functional experience while on the site. One thing that has been proven to totally destroy the user experience is a site that is slow. The improved speed produced by URLs that have been upgraded for performance will ensure that when users do arrive on the site, they will be able to enjoy their experience — increasing conversion rates.

Another benefit associated with this program is the ValueTrack parameters that simplify the analytic process, in addition to providing the capacity to gain valuable insights about performance that was not previously available through AdWords.

Do I Need to Upgrade My URLs?

The short answer: it depends. Even if you are using third-party tracking parameters, it may not be worth it to upgrade your URLs. You may be thinking: “but I thought we have to upgrade our URLs?” You are correct in the sense that you technically have to “upgrade” your URLs from destination URLs to final URLs, but this doesn’t mean you have to leverage the new URL features. The average user (again, even if you’re using some tracking parameters) won’t find a ton of value in implementing the full-featured version of upgraded URLs, as they are really only practical for larger e-commerce clients with dynamic pages and/or a ton of SKUs. More traditional setups that have a relatively small product set (less than a few thousand) or even if you have a ton of products, but each product is relatively unique (differing by more than just color or size) than the full-featured upgrade may be more trouble than it’s worth. Using final URLs at the keyword or ad group level is still going to be the best bet for most users, and still allows you to append tracking parameters (fantastic). Not sure what you should do? Feel free to give us a call.

How the Upgraded URLs will Work

With the new upgrades, AdWords users will be able to enter both elements of their URL, the tracking information and the landing page information, separately. This will allow the user to update their tracking information if necessary. This means that users can make the necessary changes to tracking information without having to reset the stats and start over.

The ability to set custom parameters allows the user to customize the specific information that they wish to keep track of, exposing the user to numerous insights that they did not previously have access to.

With these new programs, businesses will be able to create PPC campaigns that have the capacity for remarkable precision, which will allow the user to effectively manage all of the data and analytics that are associated with constant connectivity.

And, if all of this is completely foreign to you, just give us a call at FCSEM today, and we will be happy to help.

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