Why Blogging is a Crucial Component of SEO Services

by | Apr 12, 2021 | SEO

Is Blogging Still Important for SEO in 2021?

It’s hard to keep up with the many changes Google has made to its algorithm, and with last summer’s announcement that the company was going to add another ranking factor called Page Experience, marketers are wondering which changes (if any) they need to make to their SEO strategies.

The long-running search engine resource, Search Engine Watch, explains that Page Experience encompasses all the ways in which people interact with a web page, and stresses that factors like page loading speed and site structure both play roles in how good or bad they rate their interaction experience. But engagement is also critical to page experience, which is why blogging is still a crucial component of SEO services. Fort Lauderdale company, Full Circle SEM, makes clear how blogging contributes to improved ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Blogging is the Solution for Keeping Your Website Fresh and Up-to-Date

When Google introduced the idea of Page Experience on its blog, it stated, “Great page experience doesn’t override having great page content.”  But we believe the two are not mutually exclusive and that great content is instrumental in improving page experience. Google still favors fresh and new content for its ability to engage an audience, as it recognizes that sites that present out-of-date material are neither useful nor relevant for their readers.

Blogging Provides Opportunities to Use Long-Tail Keywords

The most sought-after keywords are also the most competitive ones, and the websites with the biggest brands and the most authority will always have the upper hand for one-word or two-word search queries like, “home improvement,” “best diet,” or “women’s health.”

For smaller companies, it’s more effective to expand your keyword list to include relevant keyword phrases that are four words or longer. These long-tail keywords provide a better opportunity to rank higher in SERPS, and also make up the largest majority of total searches. [1] Blogs present the perfect opportunity to integrate these more detailed phrases into your site content since they are usually highly specific and have trouble fitting into your more general web pages. When you include more blog posts, you’ll be able to use more of these long-tail keywords, and that should help with your rankings.

Blogs Offer More Linking Opportunities

Backlinks (links to your pages from outside sources) are one of the primary indicators that your site is credible, trustworthy, and authoritative. And the more backlinks your site has from other credible and authoritative sites, the better you’ll be viewed by Google’s algorithm. If you produce a steady stream of good-quality blog content, you’ll have more opportunities to earn backlinks and improve your ranking.

But internal links – those that point from one page on your site to another – are also important for SEO because they guide the bot crawlers and help them understand the structure and hierarchy of your site. You’ll also be able to let the bots know which pages are the most important ones by linking to them most often. When you publish blog posts on a regular basis, you’ll have more opportunities to include internal links to your product or service pages and help the bots in their mission to make sense of your website.

More Blog Posts Mean More Time Spent on your Site

Google pays close attention to bounce rates and discredits sites when people visit and then leave soon after they got there. Blogs that include relevant, informative and interesting content will keep people on your site for a longer period of time. And if you provide a good amount of long-form content (1,000 + words), your readers will naturally spend more time on the page if they remain engaged. Aim to regularly publish high-quality, long-form content to keep visitors coming back to your site and parking there for a while.

Getting Started with SEO Services Fort Lauderdale

At Full Circle SEM, we provide comprehensive online marketing strategies that don’t just look good on a PowerPoint presentation. We provide the data and metrics to show how well those strategies are working, and circle round to improve on them if they need to be adjusted.

We offer full-service solutions that integrate digital advertising, social media, content creation, and many other tactics that work to deliver traffic to your website and compel visitors to convert.  Get in touch with us to learn how our metric-driven approach to online marketing can significantly improve your business.



[1] https://ahrefs.com/blog/long-tail-keywords/

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