Leading SEO Company in Fort Lauderdale Discusses Proven SEO Strategies to Put Into Place Today

by | Mar 4, 2021 | SEO

Leading SEO Company in Fort Lauderdale Discusses Proven SEO Strategies to Put Into Place Today

With Google’s ever-changing ranking system, SEO can be challenging to navigate. What was once an ideal technique for securing a higher ranking can now negatively impact your rank. We, too, continue to evolve and master the factors involved in strong SEO. The premier SEO company in Fort Lauderdale discusses four proven SEO strategies you can implement right now.

1. Improve User Experience

Although the content on your webpages contributes significantly to SEO, so does the website itself. Optimizing your site for a great user experience will make both your visitors and Google happy. This means keeping your website information well organized. Be sure that your design is not only attractive but easy to navigate. Considering nearly 50% of webpage views were done through smartphones, it’s critical to optimize your website for mobile use.[1]

Performance and speed are also essential components of Google rankings. If your users have to wait an eternity before your webpage loads, they will likely leave, which will hurt your ranking. In fact, the first five seconds of page-load time are the most critical to user bounce and conversion.[2]  Google measures visit duration, bounce rate, click-through rates, among other elements to determine SERP. You can obtain this data through detailed web analytics.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Gone are the days of cramming keywords onto a webpage to promote higher rankings. Now, Google is more interested in the quality of your content and the natural incorporation of keywords. This goes beyond using exact match keywords and instead focuses on the concept behind the material. Content should be relevant, useful, and well-written in order to qualify as valuable in the eyes of Google. If you have any irrelevant or keyword-heavy pages on your website, they may be hindering you from increasing your ranking. Consider removing these as you truly want quality over Quantity. An SEO agency like Full Circle SEM can navigate you through this process.

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Leading SEO Company in Fort Lauderdale Discusses Proven SEO Strategies to Put Into Place Today

3. Keep Your Website Updated

A stale website will cause your SEO ranking to suffer. Google sends out “web crawler” bots every 3 to 4 months to evaluate your webpage. If you have not updated it with fresh content, the bots will report back, and Google will knock your ranking. That’s not to say that you only have to add content once every four months—you should be doing it much more frequently. Add new articles such as blog posts, but make sure it’s valuable content, as Google could ding you for adding irrelevant information. Even if you don’t have anything new, you could rewrite blog posts or refresh your landing pages.

Additionally, make sure that your content is shareable. Allowing others to link and share your content will positively impact SEO. Backlinks confirm your authority in the field, which will help you rank higher.[4]

4. Video Marketing

Videos and images can dramatically optimize your SEO. The addition of videos can contribute to your ranking for several reasons. It motivates users to stay on a webpage for a longer duration, improves user experience, and ultimately elevates your content authority. [3] A simple technique to boost SEO is the strategic addition of videos to your website. However, as with any content, it’s critical to ensure that the video is relevant to your business and industry.

Full Circle SEM: The SEO Company Fort Lauderdale Trusts

Keep in mind that you won’t see instant results from these techniques — SEO does take time.[4] However, by implementing these strategies, you should see your ranking improve within a few months. SEO is not a one-time fix; you must continuously maintain it to see long-term success.

To get the most out of your time and efforts, a professional SEO company in Fort Lauderdale can help. Full Circle SEM provides not only SEO services but also the analytics necessary to evaluate and adjust your strategy as needed. We can determine what is working and what may need to change. We aim to improve your SEO with integrity. Are you ready to see your ranking rise? Contact the SEO pros of Full Circle SEM today.



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