The Benefits of Online Marketing

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We could spend literally all day talking about the benefits of online marketing. Instead, we’ll provide you with a short description of the top 3 reasons why your business should be utilizing online marketing.

We have a website – why do we need to pay for people to come to it?

While search engine optimization (SEO) is very necessary, organic results vary per day. If your competitors have a website, as they most likely do (who doesn’t have a website in 2015?), how confident are you that your page will show up first? Or even on the first page. By using pay-per-click (PPC) along with SEO, you have more control over where your site shows up on search engines. PPC is faster & easier than SEO. When you combine PPC and SEO efforts together, you’ll have a marketing powerhouse.

What are the Benefits of Online Marketing?

Online Marketing has Innumerable Targeting Options

You choose where and when your ad appears. Traditional advertising has not only broad targeting, but also broad results in terms of if and how the lead gets ahold of you. Phone number displayed on TV? Spoken through radio? How often will the person be sitting there waiting with a pen and paper handy? If they don’t remember the number, where will they turn? The internet. That’s IF they remember to look up your business when they get to a computer. And that’s IF they remember your business name. If they don’t, they may do a more general search for “x&y service.” Who is going to show up first in the list – the businesses that are using PPC marketing. We’re not saying radio and television ads should stop. Billboards too. There certainly is a time and place for them, but without internet marketing, you are truly limiting your business growth and potential.

With PPC you can target your ads to the entire US, part of California, a section of New York, or even target one area during one time-frame and another area during another. Do you get more sales from one time zone than another? Why not focus your PPC to hit each time zone during their prime internet viewing? You can even target a specific gender, age range, or type of device. The possibilities are endless. You can make your targeting as specific or as broad as you want. Can you do that with traditional advertising? (No. The answer is no.)

Even better, with the specific targeting that PPC offers, when you enable something like phone call tracking, you can determine which calls came from which area, which campaign, even which keyword (crazy, right?) to know what, where and who you should be targeting to get the most out of your marketing money, which leads us to our next benefit of online marketing…

Online Marketing has Track-ability, Scale-ability & Flexibility

Online marketing, specifically PPC, will provide the best information on what words (keywords) are bringing people to your site in the form of traffic, leads, sales, calls, etc. The best part is once we know what works and what doesn’t, we can turn things on and off with the click of the mouse – even while your ads are running. You can change your keywords, your targeting, your ad schedule, at any time! (Can you do that with a TV, print or radio ad?) The information will also benefit your SEO and social media efforts as you’ll be able to focus your energy on the content and topics that people are interested in and that bring people to your site. PPC is infinitely adjustable and measurable.

Online Marketing is Cost-Effective

Online marketing helps you reach advertising goals quickly and inexpensively. PPC, for example, has the best ROI of any media – hands down. Customers are actively looking for your type of business when they come across your PPC ad. While a larger budget allows for more clicks, more testing, better tracking, PPC advertising CAN be run on a shoestring budget unlike traditional advertising. While there are certainly companies that spend millions per month on PPC, there is plenty of room for small to middle size businesses to get in on the PPC action. There may be a tipping point that you have to figure out in order to make a profit – sometimes you do have to spend a little more to get more (more qualified leads, or just more leads in general). Fortunately for you and your small to middle size business, this is where we at Full Circle SEM really outshine the other search engine marketing companies out there.

#1 Benefit of Online Marketing

The bottom line is this: PPC offers more tangible results than any other method of advertising. If you are relying solely on traditional advertising or SEO, you aren’t using your website to its fullest potential. Contact us at Full Circle SEM today for a free consultation. We use online metric-driven marketing to help your business grow.

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