From your Friendly Neighborhood PPC Agency in Rochester: 4 Clever Approaches to Google Ads

by | Jun 20, 2022 | PPC

Taking the conventional approach to digital marketing and ad buying will only put you in the same race as all of your competition and the noise. It’s better to run and win an online race of your own making and to do that, you have to think outside the box. That’s what we do as a cutting-edge PPC agency. Rochester businesses will want to stick around for this one!

Common and conventional isn’t synonymous with “the most successful,” it’s just the safest. However, a clever strategy is key if you’re a business battling it out for search engine advertising.  Here are a few creative ways to utilize Google Ads you’ve probably never tried.

#1 Use Negative Language and Opposite Targeting

Google and its algorithm work hard to serve results that are the most accurate match for the search inquiry. Shockingly, it’s not a perfect system.

When you’re using paid advertising, Rochester businesses don’t want to be thrown about among search results that are poorly matched. If the click is accidental or nothing close to your target market, it still costs you money.

Use negative keywords that quickly disqualify your ads in the eyes of someone who’s not in your target market and will never buy from you. If you’re expensive, say so! If you’re the budget option, say that too. Let searchers know they’re not a good fit by the immediate language you use.

#2 Take Advantage of Spelling Mistakes

Yes, you can bid on misspelled words and typos. This is an easy way to capture clicks of searchers who, innocently enough, just didn’t quite get it right.

Misspelled words will have much lower competition making your ad spend significantly lower. It will be much easier to rank for “jewellery” as part of your keyphrase rather than “jewelry.”

There are even a few free and inexpensive keyword tools available that help you determine common misspellings. This requires a fairly comprehensive keyword research strategy. But it’s a simple way to boost rankings and beat out the competition.

#3 Leverage Your Competitor’s Brand or Products

No, we haven’t lost our minds. Many intention-based searches include a brand name or specific product info because they already know what they’re looking for.

This can work to your advantage! Of course, your competition doesn’t want you showing up along with them, but they can’t control what keywords you bid on.

Keep in mind that a consumer who is using brand and product names is likely to be towards the end of the sales funnel, meaning they are closer to making a buying decision. Offer them an alternative before they buy.

Place your ad strategically and use this digital real estate wisely. Ask targeted questions, entertain them with your alternate perspective, or cause them to question their decision.

For example, when you Google the project management software, Asana, their ad is right at the top. But just below that is an ad for followed by SmartSheet. They’re all showing up on search results pages even though the only word used was “Asana.”

They’re leveraging their competition’s brand to boost their own visibility, and it’s working. This is an effective way to target those who may still be on the fence and want to compare products, services, and offers.

#4 Get Creative With Ad Copy and Graphics and Go Viral

Use edgy, cheeky, and comical ads to garner more attention and interest. Very few people are compelled to click on boring ads. Think of some of the commercials and ads you remember. What comes to mind?

The very fact that you remember them, some from years later, is enough to prove this point. I think of the Coca-Cola Christmas polar bears and “where’s the beef” commercials of years gone by.

They were interesting and entertaining; they had an impact. Poo-Pourri and Squatty Potty proved this was a winning strategy, and they’re still making it work.

Trending and Clever Approaches To Google Ads: The PPC Agency Rochester Needs

Maybe the creative and detailed work of PPC advertising isn’t in your wheelhouse. As a full-stack marketing agency, we have to keep up with all the latest trends and strategies and we put them to work for our clients. Reach out to our team today and discuss your strategy with the PPC agency Rochester businesses trust!

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