Why You Need A Regular Blog For SEO Performance

by | Jun 30, 2022 | SEO

We know consistent blogging is a lot of work. Do you really need to constantly put out content to rank better on search engines? How can it help to hire a digital marketing agency or SEO company? Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and Hollywood businesses asked, and we’re answering! Here’s what you need to know about utilizing your blog for SEO performance.

Reasons you need a regular blog for SEO performance

Don’t Cater to AI

There’s a reason Google has all the answers. It’s because people do! That’s what the internet is built on, human information.

Two things have to happen for your information to be utilized and consumed. One is that you have to create it. The second is that it has to be found.

Enter! Comprehensive blogging strategy! First and foremost, remember who will be reading your blog – humans. Yes, Google’s bots will crawl your site, but you’re missing the mark if you aren’t focusing on your customer first.

Boosted Visibility

The more content you produce for the audience you’re targeting, the more chances they have to come into contact with your brand and your products. This drives more traffic to your website and promotes greater sales and lead generation.

Blog content appeals to a broader range of searches than your website can offer on your basic pages. The more content you produce, the more search queries you will reach.

Blog Content Helps with Boosted Visibility, Increased indexed page count

Increased Indexed Page Count

Search engines are looking for websites that are reliable and credible. Intent-based searches and user experience drive this.

One of the things crawlers and AI algorithms look for is your website’s number of indexed pages. The larger the website, the more authoritative it appears to search engines as a reliable and trustworthy source.

The blogging and SEO services Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and Hollywood brands need is one that is comprehensive and consistent to index more pages over time.

Regularly Updated Content

New cars have that new upgrade smell. There’s nothing quite like it. That’s how search engines view fresh, unique content. It’s like a digital upgrade for your rankings.

There’s nothing more off-putting during an internet search than old and outdated information. By regularly updating and producing new content, you prove to the algorithm that your information is current and alive.

Increase In Dwell Time

The more interesting and engaging your content, the longer a visitor will stay to consume it. And the more content you have, the more this time will increase.

Remember, Google’s real client is the searcher. That’s who they serve. How long someone spends perusing your content helps improve ranking factors on search engine results pages. This is also confirmed to the algorithm that you’re reliable.

How Blogging Helps SEO

More Long-Tail Keyword Targeting Possibilities

If you run a search for “PPC agency” or “SEO services,” you’ll get more results than your eyeballs can handle. Most of which may not even be relevant to what you need.

But search for something more targeted, such as “PPC agency Pompano Beach” or “SEO services Fort Lauderdale” and the results get far more useful. Regular blogging will allow you to expand your keyphrase usage and capture more traffic.

Stay Connected With Your Audience

You’ll eventually fade away if your target audience never hears from you. Regularly posting new and exciting content keeps your email subscribers and social media followers in the loop on what you’re up to, how you can help them, and what they can learn from you.

This enhances your authority and strengthens the customer-to-brand connection.

Blogging for SEO

Tips To Remember To Boost Organic Traffic With Engaging Blog Content

Consistency is key. Many business owners start out enthusiastic but get burnt out when they realize how much work a successful blogging campaign really is.

A holiday blog post at Easter and Christmas will not result in a successful SEO strategy. You don’t need to create content every day, but batching content and scheduling it to post a few times a month is recommended.

You could even post a couple of times a week if you’re ready and willing to take on the content creation. Of course, you could always partner with an SEO agency to take care of the work for you. This is obviously our number one recommendation.

Partner with Full Circle SEM to Take Care of Your Blog for SEO Improvement

SEO is a long-term strategy. Never say never, but you’re not likely to see a balloon of traffic after your first blog post tomorrow. In a previous Fort Lauderdale SEO marketing campaign for a client, we produced the following results in one calendar year:

  • 20X organic traffic increase
  • +1500% year over year (YoY) organic traffic increase
  • +1012% YoY blog pageviews
  • +233% organic phone calls generated

Blogging is The Key to Unlocking Massive SEO Results

Although it took a year, you can imagine how much it was worth the wait. If you’d like to see how your organic traffic can grow and maybe even be our next case study, reach out to our team today and discuss your strategy for SEO services Fort Lauderdale brands trust!

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