What is Clubhouse, and Should Your Small Business Be Using It?

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Social Media Marketing

What is Clubhouse, and Should Your Small Business Be Using It?

Considering the recent rise in podcast popularity, it’s no wonder we created an app around the concept. Perhaps you’re already an avid Clubhouse user or are just hearing the buzz surrounding the exclusive platform. You wonder, what is Clubhouse, and why are so many entrepreneurs using it as a networking tool? We’ll break down the facts surrounding this powerful new app and how it can benefit your small business.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-only social media platform. All interactions on the app are real-time and through voice exchanges. The foundation that Clubhouse was created on is connection— it is a place to build deeper friendships and learn from people through conversation. Users can enter “rooms” and listen in on or participate in discussions about nearly anything. After its release in March 2020, the exclusive app’s users consisted of primarily celebrities, industry leaders, investors, and influencers. Clubhouse opened access to general audiences in December 2020, and the user base has grown to over 2 million. [1]

Who Would Benefit From Clubhouse?

Those looking to connect with others—either on a personal or professional level—will benefit from the new social platform. You don’t necessarily have to be a chatterbox to participate; podcast enthusiasts and public speakers alike enjoy Clubhouse. Supportive networking rooms provide small business owners with resources and connections to help them succeed. Note that CH is currently only available on iOS; therefore, if you’re an Android user, you won’t have the ability to access the app.

Unfortunately, the nature of the app does exclude those who are hearing impaired. Clubhouse does not currently offer support such as live transcription, but it may be a future feature to consider.

How You Can Get in On the Action

Not so fast — CH is not your typical social media platform whereby you can simply download the app and establish an account. You’ll need an invite to join the club. A current Clubhouse member must give you an invitation code before you can participate. Oh, and you’ll also need an iPhone as Clubhouse is only available on iOS devices. Though these exclusivity tactics are appealing to some, others may roll their eyes at the scheme. The truth is, it’s not that challenging to find an invite to Clubhouse. Each user receives two invitations immediately upon admittance to the club then can accumulate additional codes. If you know someone already using the platform, they can redeem an invite to grant you access. So although Clubhouse boasts exclusivity, the app is relatively accessible.

Maximize Your Time on Clubhouse

Like any social media platform, Clubhouse can turn into a time suck. This is particularly the case given the app’s real-time nature– you can’t save content to listen to at a later time, so it’s now or never. There are a few strategies you can use to get the most out of your CH experience:


Make connections with other entrepreneurs. Engage in regular networking clubs and rooms to meet like-minded business leaders. Be sure to collect their contact information from their profile before the room ends and everyone’s information disappears.

Start a Club

Use conversation to build brand loyalty and trust within the community. You can utilize Clubhouse to simultaneously confirm your expertise in your field and make authentic connections with your customers and prospective audience.

Set Reminders

Consider setting reminders for upcoming rooms. When a person or a group you follow schedules a future room event, it will appear at the top of your Hallway. You can set a reminder to be sure that you don’t miss anything.

Clubhouse: A Powerful Networking Tool

Are you looking for an OBM or business accountant? You can find one on Clubhouse. How about referrals for your niche business? Other business owners likely know individuals looking for your services and vice versa. Whatever your industry, the new exclusive voice app can serve as a valuable business tool. Before you dismiss CH as the new Tiktok, find yourself an invite and discover how many business connections you can make. There’s a whole room of entrepreneurs waiting to cheer you on.

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[1]: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/what-is-clubhouse

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