Why Properly Setting Up Facebook Business Manager is Critical

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Social Media Marketing

As the third most visited website next to Google and YouTube, with an impressive reach of 59% of social media users, Facebook is one of the most beneficial platforms for social media marketing in 2021.1 For the most organized, seamless, and successful Facebook marketing strategy possible, utilizing Facebook Business Manager is an absolute must.

However, it can be quite a headache if it isn’t set up or managed correctly. Let’s explore what Facebook Business Manager is, why it is critical to your business, and how to get it set up.

What Is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager streamlines marketing on the social platform. From a centralized dashboard, businesses can share posts, run ads, manage multiple pages, and more. The primary benefits of Facebook Business Manager are:

  • The convenience factor of all Facebook activities and marketing efforts in one location
  • The ability for multiple individuals to have access to the account
  • Easy organization of Facebook ad campaign performances and analytics

Additionally, the FBM dashboard provides the necessary separation between your personal and business Facebook accounts. Thus, you won’t accidentally confuse your personal account with that of your business.

Four Steps to Setting Up Facebook Business Manager

With all of its benefits, using FBM for your business is essential to successfully marketing on Facebook. Here are the four steps for setting it up as seamlessly as possible:

#1: Use Personal Account To Create Business Page

Since Facebook requires all business pages to be linked to a personal account, the designated owner of the Facebook business group should start by using their personal login to create a business page. Click “Create a new page” on your sidebar menu and fill out the page as it relates to your business. This includes your business’s name, a description, cover image, profile photo, call to action buttons, and more.

#2: Set Up Your Facebook Business Manager Account

Visit: business.facebook.com to create your FBM account. Enter your business’s account name and email, then confirm your email address to finish the setup. From there, you can click on business settings to add the Facebook business page you already created into the account.

#3: Create Facebook Ad Account And Enter Billing Information

After your account is up and running, go back into your business settings to create your Facebook Ad Account. This will enable your business to run and analyze multiple ad campaigns on the platform and pay for your Facebook advertisements. To have this billing information ready to go, click on payment methods under business settings and add in your credit card info.

#4: Give Relevant Users Access Into Account

Finally, it is vital to grant your team access to your finished FBM account. There are various roles that you can assign to your staff and marketing hires, each coming with different levels of access and control. Designating someone as an admin means that they have complete control over the account. Therefore you should only grant admin access to the marketing agency you’ve chosen to work with.

The great aspect of this feature is that each person’s level of access is entirely malleable. If a staff member leaves your organization or perhaps gets a promotion, they can be removed from the page or granted more control and responsibilities.

We want to note for this area, in particular, sometimes you actually have to add a person in more than one place for them to have access to your ad account and page. When we are working with clients, we typically either screen share to be able to walk you through the process, or some clients hand over their FB log-in credentials so we can do what we need – then they change their password and we never go into their account again. Either way, if you think you added someone after one step, you haven’t done it right. There are often 2-4 places where you have to grant permission in order for the person to have access successfully.

Effective Facebook Marketing With Full Circle SEM

While the customizability and features of this Facebook business feature don’t stop here, these steps are a great first place to start. If you’re ready to start your Facebook marketing journey but feel overwhelmed, take the stress out of this process with the help of Full Circle SEM.

Whether crafting organic Facebook posts, managing your paid Facebook ads campaign, or setting up your FBM account, we have the expertise to truly do it all. For the chance to improve your digital marketing strategy with ease, contact our capable team today!

[1] https://blog.hootsuite.com/facebook-statistics/

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