What Are Performance Max Campaigns In Google Ads?

by | Jan 14, 2022 | PPC, Search Engine Marketing

Performance Max campaigns are Google’s new form of digital ad. Rolled out to all advertisers in November 2021 after a year in beta, Performance Max campaigns in Google ads allow advertisers to place their ads across all Google-owned properties. For marketers, this means no more spending on specific ads for specific channels.

Designed to discover a business’s ideal customers, Performance Max ads optimize ads using the latest machine learning developments. The company needs to provide Google with a bank of copy, CTAs, and images or videos, and the tech does the work.

The final result? Performance Max creates optimized and automated ads that simplify campaign management.

Who Are Performance Max Campaign Ads in Google Ads For?

Nearly all businesses, large or small, can benefit from Performance Max campaigns. Originally designed and used by e-commerce, retail, and small businesses, the list of users has now grown massively.

But here’s the thing:

There needs to be a specific end goal to get the very best out of Performance Max campaigns. Businesses base their target on a conversion goal rather than general advertising. For example, it works well for lead generation or driving sales towards a particular product.

Performance Max campaigns are also beneficial for businesses that don’t mind which channel their ads appear on – it offers a broader scope.

Equally, Performance Max campaigns offer support for small businesses that struggle to optimize their ad campaigns and don’t have enough money to tap into Google’s ad inventory individually.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Performance Max Campaigns In Google Ads?

According to Google, advertisers that use Performance Max campaigns see a 13% increase in total incremental conversions at a similar cost per action.1 And that’s not the only key benefit of using Performance Max campaigns.

A Stronger Focus On Goals

Performance Max campaigns are goal-oriented. A business sets a goal at the start of a campaign, and Google aims to achieve it.

The main goals that Performance Max allow as campaign selections are:

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Local store promotions and visits

They also allow users to create a campaign without a goal for guidance.

Choosing the right goal ensures optimization is set correctly and has the best chance of generating maximum conversions.

Ease Of Use And A Hands-Off Approach To Digital Advertising

Running ad campaigns is a time-consuming and frustrating process – particularly for smaller businesses without experienced marketing teams behind them.

The great thing about Performance Max campaigns is the ease of use. Just pop all the details in, and Google creates the ads. Google even tweaks the campaign while it’s still live for better results.

All this automation leaves business owners with more time to focus on other mission-critical tasks and day-to-day operations.

Saves Money

With Google automating the ads, business owners no longer need to be PPC experts. Before Performance Max campaigns, some less experienced business owners were losing money with their ad campaigns due to a lack of marketing knowledge.

However, with Performance Max campaigns, Google lessens that financial stress. Automation now optimizes budgets and bids instead for better results with lower spending.

Provides Valuable Insights

Google introduces new insights regularly. For example, the rising search trends help new business owners understand changes in Performance to inform their broader strategy.2

Moreover, businesses can assess how their top-performing assets are combined to develop a creative strategy.

What Do Businesses Still Need To Focus On Regardless Of Performance Max Campaigns?

Automated cash dispensers may now save queues at a bank, but it doesn’t mean the clerks sit around all day drinking tea. The same logic applies to business owners. Although Performance Max campaigns take the hassle out of digital marketing, there’s still plenty of work for business owners.

There’s a lot to focus on to maximize marketing efforts, including:

  • Focusing on end goals. Owners must gather the information for the ads, including images, text, and CTAs.
  • Ensuring the business website provides a smooth user experience for users converting from ad to website/landing page.
  • Make sure users can get from ad visits to checkout without frustration.

When you take a look at everything involved with running any type of Google Ads campaign, no matter how Google “spins” it, there is still a huge need for qualified help from a digital marketing agency – unless your business has the resources to hire a team internally. Most small-medium-sized businesses simply don’t have the budget for this type of team in-house. This is where the experts at Full Circle SEM come in. We’re here to handle everything related to your Google Ads campaigns, whether using traditional search campaigns or utilizing the newest (as of Nov 2021) Performance Max Campaigns.

Creating Campaigns In Google Ads? Speak To The Experts At Full Circle SEM

There’s no doubt about it – Performance Max campaigns have made Google ads easier than ever. However, setting up campaigns and sorting out creative assets is still a time-consuming process for business owners.

Full Circle SEM offers the go-to experts for marketing and ad campaigns. Contact us today and find out how to get the most out of your Google ad campaigns!


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[2] https://blog.google/products/ads-commerce/performance-max/

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